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The First Step

The phrase “as a first step” is correct and usable in written English. It is usually used to describe an action that must be taken before any other steps can be taken.

“One step at a time is all it takes to get you there.” — Emily Dickinson.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Take the first step, and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid. But the first essential is that you begin. Once the battle is started, all that is within and without you will come to your assistance.” — Robert Collier

Well said! It is always better to consider good examples as the first step to bring some kind of change in our perception makes an impact to great extent in real life. No doubt, exceptions are there in every field. Even in those exceptions also suffered and struggled to large extent and raised up with critical thinking and consistent performance with their own ability and proved as successful individuals. Nothing happens instantly. There is no short cut method for success. Success is a journey. Struggle alone yields the fruitful results. Your effort is your valuable asset. Planning and implementation helps to perform better with positive attitude. Willful exercise gives willful results. Mindful exercise gives mindful results. Where there is a will there is a way. Discipline is the root cause of everything. It allows us to create our own path in right direction with right people at right place in right time with right cause to achieve the right results is the right way of approach. All of us have right to rule the world. If we want to rule the world we should acquire the skills required and qualify ourselves is the first and foremost quality. Then things will happen if we focus more on our desired goals. Set a goal and proceed!🙏

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