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The True Believer

“The true believer thoughts on the nature of mass movements. The true believer is the highly proactive best selling analysis of the fanatic — A man compelled to join a cause, any cause and a penetrating study of mass movements from early Christianity to modern nationalism and communism.” — Eric Hoffer

Power of connection is the power of belief! It inspires and empowers us to move one step forward to reach miles and miles in our journey. Belief system makes us to be strong and stable. At the same time it makes us to learn and improve in various aspects on daily basis. Learning is a life long process. Transformation helps to move forward with great zeal of respect and enthusiasm in order to fetch the fruitful results during the course of action. Action alone gives the best results in real life. Be active and alert in all respects at all times and on all occasions gives more strength and stability to plan well and perform better with sufficient skills. Will gives skill. Skill gives confidence and courage to make an attempt with logistic way of approach. Thought process is ultimate. An idea can change this world to large extent. Love yourself and your work. If you enjoy the process you will become the key performer to transform yourself and others also. With this experience you can shake this world to bring some change one way or the other. There is no short cut method for success. Success is journey not the destination. Struggle alone gives the best results. Hungry stomach alone search for food. Need makes to realize and respond.

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Bijibilla Rama Rao