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Why do you Trust

Trust is a belief in a probability that a person will behave in certain ways. Trust is an abstract mental attitude toward a proposition that someone is dependable. Trust is a feeling of confidence and security that a partner cares. Trust means believing that another person will do what is expected.

“Trust your instincts, and make judgements on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you.” — David Gemmell

“Consistency is the true foundation of trust. Either keep your promises or do not make them.” — Roy T. Bennett

“When you make a commitment, you build hope. When you keep it, you build trust.” — Quotes Empire.com

The five letter TRUST is a word stands for Truth — Reliability — Unity — Strength — Trustworthy. Trust yourself. It alone protects you from all kinds of struggles. Obstacles and hurdles are part of the process. Never compromise. Be like a bird. Be like an eagle. It flies on its own. It believes its own wings. Truth is like a fire it never falls down irrespective of location where we stay and never compromise for small sounds and have strong willpower and ability to stand on its own under any circumstances in given time and situation. It lives long to stay strong and gives strength to stand on your own without any fear in free and frank way in this world. You have so many choices. Select them wisely. Stick on and play your game.

Be reliable and responsible. Be active and alert. Be strong and stable. Behave as human being. Reliability gives responsibility coupled with love and kindness makes us to reach more and more people to express our views with others and share makes us to rely strongly to continue our journey with them gives confidence and courage to proceed further with one step forward makes to reach miles and miles in our journey.

Unity gives more strength. Togetherness is part of the process. Teamwork alone yields the best results in real life. It helps to learn and earn more knowledge to train each other with learning attitude gives more clarity. It improves productivity. It creates confidence and courage. It makes us to feel joy and pleasure. It keeps us to transform from present level to the next level with high values in better understanding to know the ground realities makes us to handle the situation in a safe manner gives confidence and courage to rely on others. It gives ability and stability to stay strong and stable.

Your strength is your capacity. Your effort is your valuable asset. Your skill levels are your own security. You have to protect yourself. You have to prove and perform better and the best. Then only you will get recognition. It improves your success rate. Success is a journey not the destination. Your success speaks louder than you. It will spread anywhere in this world. It goes beyond the frontiers in no time. It shoulders to feel more responsible and accountable. People will expect more from you. Their expectations will increase day by day. No body bothers about your struggles. Your success alone inspires and empowers everyone. You even forget your own struggles after seeing your success for a while. It has its own power. Will gives skill. Skill gives ability to perform. Performance proves your ability. Ability gives strength. Be strong and stable. You can’t pour with empty cup. Love yourself and your work. If you love your work it loves you in the form of success. Prepare yourself. Enjoy the journey.

Be trustworthy! It gives name and fame. Your respect will increase in the minds of others. Give respect and take respect. Discipline is the root cause of everything. It creates goodwill in long run. Nothing happens overnight. Everything will take its own time. Have patience. Rome was not built in a day. All the glitters are not gold. There is no short cut method for success. Instant results will not fetch much. Create your own path. Be innovative and dynamic. Think differently. Plan well and perform better. Be like a role model. Be as trend setter. Set an example to others. Set a goal and achieve it. SMART and SWOT analysis makes you to think and rethink. Thought process is ultimate. An idea can change this world. World is wide. The world is a global village. Apply common sense. Application of brain is must. Technology helps to a great extent. It gives accurate and efficient results.

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