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Youth Empowerment

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“Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.” – Stanislaw Lec

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” Carl Jung

“If governments are unwilling to lead when leadership is required, people must. We need a global grass-roots movement that tackles climate change and its fallout.” — Kofi Annan

Startup is journey beginning with something based on needs and skills we have on hand allows us to plan and implement it by facing the challenges that occur during the process makes an impact and show the ability through our performance is key exercise to follow by all of us. Youth will play an important and dynamic role in this respect immediately after completing their studies they want to settle either hook or crook is not the right concept. Vision helps to determine and dedicate to sacrifice with proper plan helps them to focus more on their desired goals and set up their own activity to withstand by facing the contingencies that occur will make them stubborn and improves their willpower to settle and stay them with the field they select and prove as great leaders in long run. Experience helps to forecast the uncertainties in day-to-day activities. Consistency gives concrete results. Growth is the base for everything. A small guidance and support inspires and empowers youth to motivate and put one step forward makes to reach miles and miles in their journey. They are our future. We should take care of them in all respects at all times on all occasions is need of the hour. Technology helps to meet the demands. Coaching is must.

Youth empowerment is need of the hour. Youth play a key role in our society. Enlightenment of youth inspires and empowers them to think in right direction at right time with right people at right place with right cause yields the best results in real life. Guidance and support helps to tune them to apply and acquire the necessary skills required elevates them to the next level in reality. Discipline, determination, dedication and devotion helps to commit and confirm to plan well and implement it in an effective and efficient manner makes them to communicate and concentrate to rely and share our views with others to reach our goals is part of our duty and responsibility. They are our future. JCI is playing vital role in this respect. Excellence is the way of JCI to spread as global organization without frontiers. An active, smart, healthy and sustainable leadership creates healthy ambience to grow as disciplined soldiers and dynamic personalities makes an impact on the part of society at large is stressed here on this occasion. Impact Foundation is one among them to train and inspiring youth in different ways by conducting various training programs, summer classes, Meetings, workshops and symposiums with free of cost is well recognized and successfully completed its Silver Jubilee Celebrations. I feel proud of it in creating trainers to lead the future and showed a path to young achievers as icons of this universe. This credit certainly goes to The Team Impact Foundation and they are deserved for it. It is a collective effort. We, as individuals should play our role as elders to guide them with right perception to bring some change in this world. A small act makes an impact on us and others as well. That is the power of our journey.

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