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Drink The Nectar Of Solitude



I am not claustrophobic ever

I can sit well behind closed doors and windows 

And drink the nectar of solitude forever

Enclosed places never bother me

People do

I can be myself when I am home alone

I am never lonely

I am myself

I am me, the real me

That sits beneath this skin

Closest to my existence akin

Things evaporate in no time from this side of life

And even, what I mean life will soon be gone

Before realization, dawns on me

After a tug of war

No matter whoever wins, 

Patch-up as if nothing happened 

And in no time, the things of uncertainty

Will vanish away like they never really existed

Off this field, we were friends, and we will be friends again 

When you don’t even call

And the one just comes closer to you 

Your expression of love changes in those pair of eyes…

And, you understand love has no language, love itself is a language 

Spoken by the hours of silence

Closest to you…

© Bikramjit Sen

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Bikramjit Sen
West Bengal