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Bonjour Amor

He knew, though,

never let a kiss fool you

or a fool kiss you…

Still, he gave in to the temptation

And fell into the chilly water

Trying to allow the mermaid

To feel his body

With a kiss…

He had confused her face

With the moon

After all, how could he not allow the MOON…

The epitome of beauty…

To come closer to him

With a kiss…

It was a fool’s paradise

When he swam in the night of the full moon

Drunken lout

Befooled for a foolish kiss

There was no mermaid as such

Anywhere Existing…

Lured into hell’s gate

He fell into the river with a splash

And Hola, he tried to swim

Trying to come out of the water for breath in flashes

As he thought, what was he even doin’

he was whipped lashes

By his senses

His conscience and sensibility pricking him

Even in a dream

Such weird things

For you, weirdo,

does exist!






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Bikramjit Sen
West Bengal