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Anna ‘s birth

Anna.It was a very chilly morning. There was a loud roar of storm and rain. All of a sudden, it started raining very heavily. A middle aged woman was struggling in pain. She was about to deliver a baby. Nobody was there. She was moaning. The year was 1944, before independence. She was in a village in Calcutta. She was struggling and all of a sudden a couple from the neighbourhood reaches and helps her. They are poor and help her to deliver the baby. The middle aged woman gives her an anna on the birth of a daughter. Together, they name the daughter Anna. Anna’s mother is not feeling well so she rests while the couple ( Anu and Ram) cradle the child. They live the entire night with Anna and her mother. Anna’s father comes late in the morning and takes care of her. The young man and his wife cook food for Anna’s father, Raghu and are happy. They all live together in a small home in the railway colony in a village outskirts.

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