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Chapter 3 2nd part

Ram has to travel east because of his construction work.He alongwith some of his colleagues and workers moves towards east following the railway track route.They divide the work in various sections amongst themselves and take the welding equipment and set off to work. They get the railway track sections joined and after their work the railway route is kept under surveillance.

The whole route takes about 6 months to finish alongwith the surveillance time.

Meanwhile Anu is doing household work and whenever Ram comes from work she tries to give him food and comfort

My mother also recovers in this time and is able to work at home.

My mother generally cradles me and covers me in khadhi clothes and caresses me.

The khadi clothes are available in the village nearby and some she makes out of old khadi bedsheets alongwith Anu.

They both love me very much.Anu and my mother are very fond of me.

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