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Chapter 5

Days passed by. I grew five years old. I started going to a school for 2 hours. It was an arts school. The boys section was an english medium. I used to reach there by 11 am and remain there by 1 pm.

One day as I was coming back from school my school friend Sam ( his mother a foreigner and his father an indian) came to me.He said that he wanted to be my best friend and I got shy. He was of a very friendly nature. He always used to walk with me when I was coming back from school. I enjoyed being with him since he had very strong values. He was also a genius. He also helped me in my exams and I passed the school exams very gracefully. He went to higher school but my mother did not allow me to study further.

Then I pursued a vocational course of designing and started weaving garments on my own. I used to weave bedsheet and cloth linen on my own.I was very good at it. My father helped me in all of my work. I used to earn a lot of money by weaving.

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