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Chapter 6

One day, I was working when my father sat with me.

He said ,”Anna, you are a darling and I love you very much.”

I replied,”Papa, I also love you!”

“Do you feel lonely ?”my father asked.

“Hell no!” I replied.

” Do you want to marry ? ” he asked.

I said ,” Not now! It is too early. I am 15 years old.”

It was 1960.

” I just want to be with you and mom and work on my own,” replied Anna.

Then my mother came from the kitchen. She told me, “Anna, you are a girl, you should marry. Not now,but in 2 to 3 years you will be 18 years of age and you are independent.”

Anna said,” Mother! You will be lonely without me.”

After this conversation, I went to my room in the house and kept on thinking for some time and thought I was not mentally prepared for marriage. I decided to spend some more time weaving and slowly decorated the house with my weavings. In the next year my father died because of a liver infection. It was 1963. I was 18 years of age.

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