EVERLASTING LOVE epilogue 13 - ZorbaBooks


Ali talks to Nargis and says ,” Are you happy Nargis?

“At the end of such a strenuous life, I have been gifted with a happy family. My son has saved the lives of so many people in this hospital because he is a very good surgeon. He has earned a good name and people know about his good deeds.People rarely mention about my parents now.”

Ali looks at her. She is still very beautiful and has aged gracefully. He nods his head and goes in deep thought. His dream had indeed come true. He had given Nargis name,fame and fulfillment and comfort. His love for her had been justified. Over the years, inspite of all hardships they had a beautiful understanding with each other and Nargis loved him equally for his support and encouragement at each and every step of life.

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