EVERLASTING LOVE epilogue 9 - ZorbaBooks


Conflict between father and son

Once Ankuj is having a meal with his parents. His mother offers him a vegetable pulav and some beans.

As he is eating, he talks to his father. He says that his maternal grandparents had a very bad name and people did not talk about them with respect.

Ali gets annoyed and immediately snubs him. He says that it is a thing of past and needs to be ignored and forgotten. He has not even to think ill of them but he should earn a good name to nullify their ill deeds. He tells him the whole story of the past and tells him that he and Atul had just done their duty towards the government. Further, Nargis who is now in tears tells him that she was moved to the hostel and her father had a bad company which is why he had suffered. She tells him to forget about the past and try to take up medical as a subject, focus on his career and everything will turn out right.

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