PICTURESQUE 29 - ZorbaBooks


Page 29 I am disillusioned. I am very upset because I am missing good food and these regular abuses by the tribal people have made me miserable.

Solitude –

Alone I am,

alone I was,

what an agony,

the coldness of the people here,

have left me in misery,

I do not know what to do,

because I have nobody to go to,

I realize my misfortune,

am in utmost discomfort,

where do I go,

Admist the darkness,

where my prayers for freedom from these people,

might be answered.

I see here and there,

for someone to help me


look forward to my departure from this unknown place.

I do not know,


I will live or die


what will happen next.

It is unpredictable,

the past is still better


present is miserable

waiting forward to a future

that holds good hopes for a better tomorrow.

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