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Secrets of life

Where there is hope, there is everything.

Little Ramu is born in a very poor family.His father lays coal tar on the roads under construction. His mother remains at home.

Ramu has been born today. His mother is resting when her husband Ram Das comes home. He fondles Ramu and plays with him. Ramu is now one month year old and is happy with his father. His mother has recovered and is looking after the home.

Soon he grows upto one year old.One day, Ramu’s mother is very busy. She has found a job somewhere and has gone off for work. Ram das takes Ramu to his workplace. He gets busy with playing coal tar on the road . All of a sudden, one year old Ramu takes a hot piece of coal tar and starts playing with it. It falls in his eye and he gets wounded. Ram Das does not know what to do. He cries at his fate and is feeling miserable.

When he reaches home, he discusses everything with his wife. She brings water and makes a haldi paste with it. She applies the paste on her child’s face and give the child hot food. Ramu goes off to sleep.But, it is of little use. The wound gets painful. Ram Das is told to leave his child in the hospital. The doctors say that the child’ s vision would only come once he is operated fast. But alas ! The cost of operation is very high.

Ram Das remembers that on the corner house of the road is a hospital which goes for free checkup and treatment. He goes with his son there. The doctor checks his eye and tells him that the case is not simple. He would indeed have to go for an operation. If he is late for the operation, his son could go blind. But Ram Das is hopeful. He goes to the temple and asks for Lord Shiva ‘s blessings for the child and his family. He goes home and together with his wife take their child to the hospital and get him admitted. The first operation is unsuccessful. But Ram Das is hopeful. After about 6 months, again the child is operated. This time the operation is successful and in about an year the child s vision comes back. Ram Das is happy with his wife and son now.

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