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Defying Gravity: My Journey As A World Record Holder – Chapter III


Accompanied by my parents, we embarked on a journey to our school, where anticipation filled the air. As we stepped into the cool embrace of the air-conditioned auditorium, I couldn’t help but notice the assembly of approximately 60 selected students and their families. The hall hummed with hushed conversations, and then, a man donned in a distinctive blue safari suit took the stage. He grasped the microphone, his presence commanding attention.

“Good morning, dear students and parents,” he began, “I am Dr. Pradeepkumar from Coimbatore…” Dr. Pradeep sir’s introduction marked the commencement of a meeting that would unfold over more than two hours, unveiling a world of possibilities.

During this enlightening gathering, we learned of the school’s audacious plan—to set not just one, but 55 world records. Remarkably, this endeavor marked the first instance in the world where an educational institution sought to establish 55 world records. Among these, there were to be 25 individual records and 30 group records. It was also disclosed that only those who attended this meeting would be eligible to attempt the individual feats, a revelation that left me somewhat astounded. The numbers didn’t add up – more than 60 students were present in the hall. How would the selection process unfold? This puzzle, it seemed, would be unraveled in due course.

Dr. Pradeep sir wasn’t a stranger to the world of records himself, having claimed over 100 world records starting from his phD. He regaled us with tales of his extraordinary accomplishments, including an awe-inspiring feat of lecturing continuously for more than 100 hours. One of his more accessible records included reciting numbers in alternative languages, a task he executed in both English and Tamil.

His words left a lasting impression, as he exuded a profound belief that each one of us present that day would achieve something remarkable. Dr. Kumar also outlined a set of rules and guidelines that we were expected to follow on this extraordinary journey.

Crucially, he informed us that our achievements would be recognized by four prestigious institutions: Elite World Records, Asia Book of Records, India Book of Records, and Tamilan Book of Records. He went on to dispel certain myths, effectively reshaping my beliefs.

The excitement coursing through me at this point was palpable. The notion that my name might be inscribed in the annals of four revered institutions filled me with an eagerness I couldn’t contain. I implored my parents to help me enroll in the endeavor. Yet, a twist lay ahead.

As we were handed a form, Dr. Kumar’s instructions became clear, “A form will be given to your hand. Think and fill it out. The first 25 members who submit this form will be recognized.” The reminder of my luck reverberated in my mind. Before me, more than 30 students were seated. The urge to encourage my parents to complete the form quickly was strong. I hesitated, wondering if I was asking too much of them. But when it came to something as promising as this, hesitation seemed trivial. My parents, understanding my elation, readily obliged and signed the document. I submitted it to the Vice-Principal, and a wave of relief washed over me when I noticed the number “5” marked at the top of my form. The joy I felt was unparalleled; it was as if I had already tasted success.

Once more, my luck remebered me, and I turned to my father, who had a background in astrology, seeking reassurance, “Is 5 a favorable number for me?” His response was both comforting and wise, “5 signifies victory. Do not dwell on that alone. Focus on your efforts, and you shall reap the fruits of your labor.” His words left me feeling content and hopeful.

The title of my world record attempt remains shrouded in mystery, a secret to be unveiled in the next chapter of this captivating journey. Until then, my dear readers, anticipate the unfolding of a story that promises to be both intricate and inspiring.

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