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Defying Gravity: My Journey As A World Record Holder – Chapter V


In the enchanting realm of musical pursuits, the revelation of the temporal intricacies of my impending Mridangam performance emanated from the sage counsel of Mr. Pradeep Kumar. His declaration, akin to the unveiling of a sonic tapestry, echoed through the auditorium: “The existing record, a five-hour symphony, now beckons you to surpass it with a six-hour opus. Fear not the relentless cadence, for each hour bestows a brief respite, a ten-minute interlude.”

The orchestration of this harmonious feat demanded the selection of twenty unique three-minute compositions, weaving a melodic labyrinth to be traversed six times. Nadais, the rhythmic heartbeat of this musical saga, were granted the liberty of repetition, infusing the performance with both complexity and continuity.

The genesis of my harmonious journey bore the echoes of familial expectations, manifested through the gateway of bhajan competitions in my school days. Amidst these echoes, the rhythmic allure of Mridangam, especially when entwined with music, emerged as a beacon of personal fascination.

The decision to embrace Mridangam as my own pursuit, a beacon of authenticity amid imposed interests, led me to the revered maestro, Vidwan Poongulam Shri. Ramakrishna Iyer. The symphony of my education crescendoed through three thalams, the beats resounding with each step, despite the occasional scarcity of practice.

The specter of my father’s taunts, embodied by an unturned wooden chunk in the room, became the haunting refrain of unfulfilled promises. The embarrassment woven into his words spurred an internal struggle, restrained only by the acknowledgment that revenge was an unsuitable note in this melodic journey.

Amidst the harmonious nodding of my head, the principal became the conductor of understanding, her smile a nod to the agreement resonating in the auditorium. Mr. Pradeep Kumar, the temporal architect of my challenge, sought a connection with my guru, prompting a query about his elusive ten-digit number. In the symphony of excitement, the inability to recall such a sequence yielded to the principal’s pragmatic solution – the relay of information through her own ten digits.

Beyond the individual crescendo, the chapters of my narrative unfolded into the grandeur of group world record endeavors. A harmonious blend of complexity and simplicity, the next movements awaited exploration in the chapters yet to be composed.

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