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Defying Gravity: My Journey As A World Record Holder – Chapter VI


In the continuing chapters of my musical journey, the resonance of unexpected challenges unfolded as I embarked on the path of preparing for a monumental feat with the Mridangam.

Upon sharing the news with my guru about being chosen to play Mridangam in my school’s world record festival featuring 55 records, his calm response belied the gravity of the task at hand. Despite my limited experience with just three thalams, he nonchalantly agreed to my ambitious endeavor of playing for six hours with brief intervals. This unwavering confidence he placed in me became a beacon, prompting the birth of newfound self-assurance.

My morning walks transformed into contemplative sessions, envisioning a future adorned with accolades—four shields in my hands, four medals adorning my collar, and the warmth of family surrounding me. Yet, beneath the hopeful surface lurked a fear that this dream might remain just that—a dream. Thus, those walks became a ritual of mental preparation for the upcoming musical marathon.

The initiation of practice, an essential precursor to the grand performance, proved to be a formidable challenge. The uncharted territory of continuous hours tested my endurance. Numbness embraced my legs within ten to fifteen minutes under the constant pressure of the Mridangam. Despite the struggle, fueled by a resilient spirit, I managed to complete the daunting hour of practice.

On another day, the script of my journey took an unforeseen turn. A meeting with Dr. Pradeep Kumar was scheduled, but a series of delays and a backdrop of rain-soaked streets awaited my arrival. A quirky twist unfolded as Mr. Pradeep, in his distinctive Coimbatore Tamil dialect, playfully declared, “Mridangam is last as you came last. I have to talk about many things with you only.”

However, the unexpected was not done. A revelation awaited us—the duration extended from six to a staggering twelve hours. Shock and disbelief washed over me. How could I prepare for such a marathon in such a short time frame? The challenge loomed, but the resolve to confront it persisted.

A ray of relief appeared in Mr. Pradeep’s suggestion to reconsider if the task seemed overwhelming. This prompted the query – could I reapply? The consideration stemmed from a health setback, a perianal abscess that confined me to bed for a month and raised concerns about prolonged sitting. Despite the option to change the topic, the echoes of my guru’s unwavering confidence propelled me to face the challenge head-on.

Discussions with Mr. Pradeep sir followed, where my health concerns were shared, and a swift resolution was encouraged. As we journeyed back home, my mother shared something that added another layer of complexity to my thoughts.

The anticipation builds as we delve into the next chapter, where the layers of this narrative continue to unfold.

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