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A Tug between Dreams and Reality

This is a kind information

That this poem is my situation

The love for my dreams

Ended up with screams.

The world of history

Is a type of mystery

For me, filled with joy

For others, it destroys

The life without past

Is like a horizontal mast

The ship of life may collapse

Or may withstand perhaps

The sacrifice of revolutionaries

Make the present luminaries

With their inspirations

We set our destinations

The reasons listed above

Developed love

In the subject of humanities

Which opposed the thinking of rationalities.

The difference in opinions

Led to debates of millions

With my creators

And their opinions became invaders

The stream of science

Is suitable for your mind

To make your career higher

And to keep your future brighter.

The arguments of my parents

Seemed to have merits

Have become an interruption

In following dreams of continuition.

In the land of serenity

These facts created enemity

The long lasting impact

Would always remain intact.

Though it creates tension

They are the words for my improvisation

There is no wrong in listening

And to make it conditioning.

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B. Krishna
Tamil Nadu