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Phoenix’s Quest: The Search of Eternal Flame

The morning sun bathed Balbumina Street in a soft glow, casting long shadows across the cobblestones as Jonathan McGregor waited patiently for his friend, Mark McCarty. The air was heavy with the sweet fragrance of roses and jasmine, a familiar scent that permeated the bustling street. Jonathan, a young scholar from Aetria, had journeyed to Edinbelse to pursue his studies in quantum physics, finding solace amidst the unfamiliar streets of the quiet city.

As he stood amidst the vibrant blooms, memories of his homeland flooded Jonathan’s mind. He longed for the lively streets of Aetria, where the air was filled with the sounds of bustling markets and the warmth of community. But here in Edinbelse, the atmosphere was starkly different – tall buildings loomed overhead, and the streets were devoid of the vibrant energy he had grown accustomed to.

In this foreign city, Jonathan found solace in the company of his friend, Mark McCarty, the librarian of Scientia Abundans. Their conversations ranged from the intricacies of science to the nuances of language, providing a welcome respite from the solitude Jonathan often felt in this unfamiliar place.

One day, as Jonathan welcomed Mark into his home, a casual exchange led to an unexpected request. With a mischievous grin, Jonathan proposed the idea of assuming the role of librarian for a day, eager to experience the inner workings of the renowned Scientia Abundans. But Mark’s response was cautious, warning Jonathan of the challenges that awaited within the hallowed halls of the library.

Undeterred by Mark’s warnings, Jonathan persisted, eventually securing an apprenticeship under his friend’s guidance. Together, they embarked on a journey to the grand library, where Jonathan’s curiosity would lead him down an unexpected path.

Upon their arrival, Jonathan was greeted by the opulence of Mark’s office, adorned with elegant furnishings and a sense of authority befitting the Head Librarian of Scientia Abundans. But amidst the grandeur, Jonathan couldn’t resist probing Mark about the mysterious signature adorning a pen stand – a testament to his childhood friendship with the president.

As Jonathan’s eagerness grew, he found himself swept up in the intricacies of library protocol, navigating the labyrinthine corridors under Mark’s watchful eye. With each passing moment, Jonathan’s anticipation mounted, until at last, he found himself face to face with a dusty tome – “Phoenix: The Return of The Mystical Bird.”

Intrigued by its enigmatic title, Jonathan delved into the depths of the book, captivated by tales of the phoenix and its mythical significance. But as he pored over its pages, a revelation struck him – the phoenix, said to reside in the forests of Barbaricos, beckoned him forth on a journey of discovery.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Jonathan made the impulsive decision to leave his apprenticeship behind, setting off for Barbaricos in search of the mythical bird. And as he arrived at the airport, greeted by the unexpected fanfare of his arrival, Jonathan knew that his journey had only just begun.

Barbaricos was nothing but forests that are dense. Venturing deeper into the forest of Barbaricos, Jonathan found himself enveloped by the dense foliage, the canopy blocking out the sun’s rays and casting an eerie twilight over the landscape. Armed with his newfound knowledge from the mysterious tome, he pressed forward, guided by an unseen force compelling him towards a particular destination.

As he traversed the shadowy depths of the forest, Jonathan stumbled upon a colossal tree, its ancient roots sprawling across the forest floor like gnarled fingers reaching for the sky. Instinctively drawn to the towering behemoth, Jonathan approached cautiously, sensing an otherworldly presence emanating from within.

Stepping into the hollow trunk of the tree, Jonathan’s senses were assailed by a wave of mystical energy, tinged with a sense of urgency. Amidst the dim interior, he discovered a weathered parchment, bearing a message inscribed in elegant script:

“Seeker of truth, the phoenix has returned to its ancestral home. Your journey lies not in these enchanted woods, but in the familiar embrace of your homeland. Return swiftly, for destiny awaits.”

Stunned by the revelation, Jonathan’s mind raced with newfound purpose as he deciphered the cryptic message. With a sense of clarity, he realised that his quest for knowledge had led him full circle, back to the place he had once yearned to escape.

Emerging from the depths of the forest, Jonathan embarked on the journey homeward, each step infused with a sense of determination and anticipation. Upon his return, he found his humble abode transformed, illuminated by the warm glow of familiarity and the promise of new beginnings.

As he settled into his surroundings, Jonathan’s gaze fell upon a curious sight—a phoenix toy nestled amongst his belongings, a silent reminder of the mystical journey that had brought him to this moment. With a newfound sense of purpose, he reached for the enigmatic tome, eager to delve once more into its pages and unravel the secrets it held.

He immediately wanted to visit Scientia Abundans. He got himself ready and went to a taxi driver and asked, “Can you drive to Scientia Abundans?” The taxi driver was bewildered, “Are you mad? There is no place called as Scientia Abundans in the entire universe!” Jonathan could not believe it. At the same time, his friend, Mark arrived. Jonathan questioned him, “Mark! Tell him where Scientia Abundans is?” to which he replied, “I am a clerk at the bank of Edinbelse.”

Written by:- B. Krishna (For fantasy contest)


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    Good envisage about the travel he has done. In the complete story he has expressed his views superbly with perfect choice of each word.

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