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The Cursed marriage

“It’s too boring. We need to get a break from our daily life.” Surdeep spoke. “These studies are just like the ocean. It would be better if we could go on a trip” Rajeev said. “We could explore the Desert Fort of Rajasthan. It is also a part of our studies” I suggested to them. “Yeah, it’s nice but what about the ghost of that place,” Javed asked. “We could get a hotel in a nearby village or city where there are many others like us,” I said. “So, let’s inform our parents about our trip and yeah from this weekend our college is also getting close for the winter holidays,” Surdeep said. And everyone went to a separate place to inform their parents.

Well, let me introduce myself to you. Hi, I am Amand srivastav. I am a second-year student at St. Stephen College. We took a small rented house where me and my friends stay in Delhi.

I took out my phone and called my parents to inform them about our trip. At first, father wasn’t in the mood to agree but I convinced him about the trip. After some time everybody came, and everyone’s parents agreed to the trip. Javed “Okay, now we must plan out about our trip.” “One of the difficult tasks,” Surdeep mocked in a low voice.

After 3days………

I woke up, brushed my teeth, took a shower, dressed and moved for breakfast. And we packed our things in the car we booked. “Has everybody come with their all luggage?” I asked. The driver and I hung out all the items and luggage inside the car. I closed the rented house and set out on our trip.

After 5-6 hours……..

We reached our destination by midday. We reached a small village which was so small that from a hill we could see the whole village. Still, it contained a few big houses and three big hotels. Our car stopped in front of a small shop and asked them the distance between the village and the Desert fort. He answered “Just 500 meters” We thanked him and moved forward to a hotel named Rajgharana Inn. As we were aware of paranormal activities in Rajasthan we found it genuine and that too situated in the village.

We went inside the hotel to the counter. There was a beautiful lady was employed as a receptionist. Wearing a red saree with a very fair skin tone and has a small black bindi on her forehead. She was busy working on her computer. My eyes were frozen by her tantalizing looks. I asked her “Excuse me miss.” She looked up towards me with her blue eyes and asked “Yes sir, how can I help you?” “I want a non-AC room,” I asked. “Wait a minute sir” She said and after some time she took out a key and handed it to me with a charge of Rs.600 per day. I paid her in advance; she called a servant and told him to show our room.

The servant took us to the first floor and showed us our room which was 108. We all went inside and planned to take a rest for some time and then we’ll move out for the trip to the fort.

At 4:00 pm we woke up and had some snacks before we moved out for our tour. We saw outside there were not many vehicles. I talked to a small car for the tour to Desert Fort but the driver advised that the time for the tour was going to be over soon and they could not enjoy the tour. Chitayu “So let’s try their food.”Surdeep “Yeah, it’s a nice idea.” I told them that before trying food let’s roam around. All of them agreed and we went to visit the entire village. We noticed

that the entire village there had a common thing that is a tilak on their forehead. After some sunset, they all had their food and went to the room except one Chitayu. He said he’ll be back after some time.

Soon the night had gone to its peak dark when Javed got to take a glass of water; he saw something glowing outside the window. He called me and told me to check. I woke up hastily and went with him to the window to check out. I saw a scary doll coming forward to me from a far place. Watching this I closed the window soon and told him to wake up everyone. I found that this place was genuine and everything was okay then also it was happening. There was everyone except one “Chitayu”. We remembered he didn’t enter with us and stayed out. And we had all our doubts about him if he could play a prank with us. We all went tiptoed to look out for him we found that on the terrace a boy was sitting. As it was dark we couldn’t identify him from behind. I walked to him and found it was just a dummy doll. This time I feared a lot. Watched here and there and found that no one was there we walked to the counter and found no one was there so, we returned to our bedroom in anger that Chitayu was the culprit. As we were climbing up the stairs we found someone’s shadow was there, watching fear generated inside us but slowly we stepped up and found it was Chitayu coming down. After this, we scolded him a lot for his work but he mentioned he was busy with his company’s secret work. In the corridors towards our room, we found that all the rooms were locked and there was no one in the hotel except us.

We went inside and planned to move out of the village towards our rented house. We packed our things and as we were about to get out we found some men were coming but they didn’t look like a man they were turned into some dead creepy monsters. A few of them came and uplifted us and took us to the centre of the village where a small fire was lit and we were tied nearby pole aside. There wasn’t any human all were turned into monsters.

After some time the receptionist came and told the guard that she wanted to take all five of us to get ready for the procession. Guard allowed her and she signed us to be silent and took us to a tunnel which was far enough from anyone’s sight. She told us to move from here and we’ll directly move to the border. Listening to this all my friends rushed inside but she didn’t go inside. I asked her “Why won’t you go with us?” She said that she was the only culprit behind that as she was cursed. I asked, “There might be some way to break your curse.” She said it was impossible. She said it has three stages 1st we need to fight with two big giants, 2nd with Dead Water and last with Panch nag. The panch nag’s head contained a ring that could only break the curse. Chitayu “Don’t go on her words. Let’s go we are already trapped.” Javed “Yes! We must go” I told them when she had led us the way towards home and you won’t help her a bit. Surdeep told “I would help you” and slowly everyone agreed. I asked her the way towards those stages. She took us to a small cave we all went inside. The cave had few flambeau and slowly we went inside and found two giant sleeping and the key towards the gate was lying on the ground, with tiptoed I went and got those keys getting advantage of small height We escaped and reached a small lake there a sound came from water that answer it

I am always coming, but never arrive. I am always here, but never visible. I am always changing, but always the same.

Soon Chitayu answered Water, hearing this paved path rise up and we crossed to the second level and entered the third

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