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The Unknown Relationship ( Part I )

It was the night of august. I was all alone in a scary gloomy big bungalow, nearby the forest with no bright. Parents too were not present to accompany. It was pitch dark outside, accompanied by thunder at intervals.

Got up from my rocking chair and took a candle ­a book and sat on the sofa near by the door. As the window pane was built with glass, sitting inside, enjoying thunder was a great experience. I lit up the candle and opened the book and start reading the fifteen the chapter. It was already nine of dunk, the rod was blank.

After being in half of chapter, door bell suddenly rang. The first thought which came was that how precious I am that people is coming to meet me in this horrible thunder rain, at the same moment I was full of fear that it might also be a furious animal searching for his supper. As I was courageous brave boy I hold up my courage and try to peep through the window. With a lot headwork and time found nothing. In the same mount the unseen one was knocking continuously. I took up the risk and just open a little and my soul was out of my body.

A nice beautiful girl with gumboots and raincoat wearing holding up an umbrella was present. It was like a great god pleaser gifted to me.

She was asking for a night to stay in. For a minute or two my eyed were still on her face. She was like an angle sent by god to me. Then after a cliff of finger my head got a shake and thought a little and told to promise to go as the rain stops. And she agreed with the condition.


I welcomed her inside and closed the door, lit up few more candles and made a soup for her. She was shaking with wet clothes. There I had few clothes of my mother which might be fitting her. She was having fear of ghost and she could not study along in a room. She spoke “could you please help me out?” My mind shook and I told “what help!” She told, “I want to change my clothes and I fear this dark.” I told “Don’t worry nothing would happen.” She said “okay….” I thought a while and then I said “I have an idea, I can lit up few more candles then you won’t fear.” she said “Okay” then I went to kitchen where there were candles. I bought few more candles and lit them up and I went out. She went inside with the clothes which I gave which were of none others’ then my mothers’.

After few minute she came outside. I found a nice gorgeous angel standing in front of me. I requested her to sit in the sofa nearby the fire chimney. Till that time soup was also ready. I served her and sat on nearby another sofa. The first thought came was “what her name is?”

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