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I pray day and night and seek only thy blessings in my daily life

No material objects, cohabitation with an unknown, money, or wealth can give me relief.

Only your company, your touch, your incense, your beauty, your body, words, and look,

Make me mad, and I wish to embrace you all the time when I woke.

You are so pretty, you are so nice, you are so dignified and qualified

That any young person, who gets to know you, and comes closer is sanctified.

It is you, and it is your magnetic power that attracts all iron fragments

Your innate quality and magnificence have the potency to turn them into all nuggets.

I am a devotee, I am a priest, I am a lover of yours

I adore you, I worship you, I praise you; for you, my everything pours.

I chant you daily since the morning; I touch you and take your fragrance

It makes me enlightened, It turns me pure, it gives me energy and pleasaunce.

Four decades of my love, adoration, addiction, veneration, and attachment returned as a hook

You are none but the most venerable and best friend, philosopher, and guide – book.

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Keshab Chandra Mandal
West Bengal