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Changing trends in tourism

Changing trends in tourism

The world over, travel & tour is witnessing a radical change. People are more mindful, well-informed, flexible and ready to explore and experience. True life experiences, nature tours, rural & unexplored destination rather than popular destinations seems to be the trend. Another trend which is coming to the fore and given importance is the “Dark Tourism”. Domestic travels, rural tours, village tours, local gastronomy, creativity and exchange of tradition & culture, an experience provided by few operators seems to be adding spice to the holidays. Couples and mini groups are exploring outdoors, farm houses, organic foods on own for authentic experiences helped by local operators and guides.


Budget travel is leading from the front and it should be given prominence to drive the local & rural development giving a major thrust to the national economy. Rural tourism will not only aid for a competitive mind, prompt service delivery, it will also enable the development of rural villages which carry hope and an opening, a pathway to the youth, to the upcoming generation who will be the major contributors to the Indian economy for decades to come.


The Indian infrastructure development is trying to connect to the last mile, to the remotest of village in the country, and add to it the remittance options & flexibility in place due to high speed economical net connectivity it will be a moral boost for the rural economy. The rural tourism in miniscule groups, for authentic experiences can also bring down the environmental pollution.


The technology has helped open minds and people are well prepared with knowledge and ready to explore with the local tourism authorities. Destination Marketing with fresh inputs need a rethink an overhaul to push rural tourism and also encourage the “incentive group” to explore. This will also help the corporate employees, agencies to learn something new, an inspiration they can carry back and add to their experience, broaden & enhance their view and understanding with a new perspective. Tourist will encounter numerous opportunities in rural tourism to learn new things in a different way due to variation in tradition, art, culture, cuisine from place to place.


Unpopular or lesser known & uncharted destinations of North East and the North Eastern Himalayas are a big attraction for tourist who have been looking for more choices and the region stands out due to its uniqueness. North East India has wildlife sanctuaries, Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Khangchendzonga.


The North East region of India is relatively unexplored in terms of geography and cultural diversity. It gives you a foretaste of India as well as of Soth East Asia. The rich flora, fauna, diverse topography and ethnic groups have of late, started attracting domestic as well as overseas International tourists into the region. The North east Tourism offers a variety of tourism to satiate the appetite of a tourist.


Cultural Tourism – which includes traditional crafts and festivals, performing arts

Eco Tourism – The sustainable tourism, the eco villages

Adventure Tourism – The trekking routes, Jungle safari’s as well as Ornithilogy tours.

Religious Tourism – The Buddhist Circuit and Temples

Tribal Cultural Tourism – The traditional festivals, dances and folk art

Heritage Tourism – The Living root bridge declared as the heritage site by UNESCO and many other places in districts of Meghalaya, the palaces, museums and village cultural centre.

River Tourism – The Brahmaputra River

Culinary Tourism – The exchange of art & culture, gastronomic, the ingenious, creative cuisine, a true life experiences

Agro & Rural Tourism – The farm & culinary, the organic authentic experience of rural tourism by the local tribes, the tea gardens


The ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of the region is as astounding as its lush hills, meandering rivers and verdant valleys. Some of the states promoting eco and cultural tourism in the region are Meghalaya, Assam, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, along with Nagaland, Tripura and Mizoram who have started exploring such possibilities too.


The North Eastern states are rich in cultural and natural resources. This region is often described as the cultural mosaic of India due to its diverse tribal communities, linguistic, and ethnic identities. This part of land is inhabited by ethnic tribes where Arunachal Pradesh itself has more than 25 major tribes followed by Assam and Nagaland at 18 & 16 respectively. An unique place in the world where so many ethnic groups have been living in harmony while still maintaining their individual cultural identity for centuries and has highest potential to become the international hotspot for cultural tourism activities.

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