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A partner by her side

A Partner by her side

It’s not that I love watching birds

I often sit down near the window browsing

Jotting with a pen and a diary in hand

To what comes of search in mind

That this bird, pulled my attention, a pigeon

Trying to break a twig, larger her size

Abandons, tries picking up smaller ones

Abandons, tries once more the bigger one,

Dumps and flies away.

Couple of months back,

Was she sitting to hatch eggs?

There were two.

A passing by crow,

Observed and hatched a plan

Before the eggs hatched

Whatever the crow did,

Bird did not leave the egg

Tired the crow flew off, only to come back

With a partner in crime

The first crow, put his plan forth

 Challenging the bird

A while after, losing patience

Bird charged after crow in defence

Leaving the poor eggs, an easy prey

For the second crow, swooped, on an egg

And flew away

After crow, the pigeon went

Leaving her only egg defenceless

Walked in the first crow

Cool and calm feasting on egg

Leaving egg shells, scattered


Came back the bird, exhausted

Only to find,

Other egg broken & destroyed

Raging with anger,

Bird paced up & down

Upset, sad, accepting,

Finally sat down,

In the nest

Know not, what came to her mind

She flew away.

It’s the same place, twigs being collected

And placed, but this time

She has a partner, by her side.

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