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Future, Today

Future, Today (humour)

fiend, keep the milkman away from door bell

let snorty out by 6

get me some fresh lettuce, cucumbers… please

stepping on to a… healthy life, you know what I mean

“oh yes, I won’t wake you up before 8, and

for now, I have warmed up your room”


fiend, switch of the terrace sprinklers,

change my dp to swim suit please, and

say hi, to jimmy, peter, ajoy and samy.

I’ll cook today, please mop all the floor, will you?

ah yes, I liked yesterdays tacos,

it was awesome darling, please repeat next friday.


fiend, I have guest around 20, fix the treat

please dissuade sheena from attendance,

engage, all other guest, help me

with few special moments with Jimmy,

send snorty to daycare for a day

please keep my hubby away.


fiend, past two days, I did not see my hubby? and,

how did you dissuade sheena from attendance?

“oh yes, I got her car to a highway breakdown, and

messaged your hubby to pick her up

they are enjoying at Hawaii”

How dare he? fix a way to divorce, will you?


fiend, is it necessary for me to holiday?

“yes, tickets booked, bag and camera on table,

Jimmy will join you at the airport”

reached airport on dot, but flight cancelled

returns home with jimmy, finds door ajar, and

hubby and sheena in her bed, camera in hand.

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