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Reborn as Nations Pride

Reborn as “Nations Pride”

Dedicated to all, especially, who have lost their loved ones while defending our country India.

battered by thoughts

she opens her precious

metallic trunk of memoirs

picked her pride carefully

held it, close to her bosom

bowing with reverence,

touching her forehead,

brave that she is

but her eyes defied her

a testimony of joy & pain

as drops, accumulate

blurring her visual

unable to hold it, any longer

she let it go.

each drop

embossing her love

leaving a mark,

over previous ones.

she hold’s it close to her face

inhaling, again and again

his thoughts encircling

embracing her and whispering,

she smiles, twitching

the corner of her lips,

touching those brass

in trunk, the gems

she saved and preserved

tending with

love, gladness.

worth for her

than a gold mine.

“he was her pride,

he came back,

wrapped in pride”.

she reminisced for a moment

while receiving the “Tiranga”

years before,

of receiving him “just born” my pride

proud to be a mother

my child now, reborn as

“Nation’s Pride”

#freedomisnotfree #nationspride

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