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Yes, I do

Yes, I do

I could see her

In spite of being surrounded

Robed in white a veil covering her face

White flower bouquet in her hand

She was prettiest among them all

Her soft smiles, her hearty laugh

Her frequent glances to attract


I could see that, she was too happy

It was happiest moments of her life

From a little now, she will be mine

The ring of my love, on her fingers

I could see her growing eagerness

To catch my attention

To share her feelings


At last the moment has come

The wait was over

I was walking beside her

Through the aisles, her hand in mine

Her mind in mine, her heart in mine

So close, so near, I could feel

Her heart, beating faster


I do see now in her eyes

The joy, the bliss, the delight

A precious beginning, that

She saved her love all her life

Her soft misty eyes

Like a river overflowing with affection

Rushing to sweep me away

As if saying, at last now

You are only mine, and as if

Responding to her call, I Say,

“Yes, I Do”

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