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Papa aap kab star banoge

Papa aap kab star banoge

I have known Akshay since last few years, well qualified with good skills, hardworking and an asset for any organization. After meeting a client we were having a cup of tea, he narrated this incident to me which happened few days back:

I live with my wife and two daughters, my daughters are studying in one of the best schools, my elder daughter (Nikita) is studying in 10th class and my younger daughter (Samiksha) in 9th class.

Nikita remained one of the toppers from the day one in the school, so had been Samiksha who is not far behind her elder sister trailing her very close. Exemplary in studies and other activities in school, both are liked by the teachers as well their class mates, their mother has put in a lot of efforts to groom them from teaching subjects at home, helping them in their assignments to accompany them to the dance, drama, music class practice, as well motivating, encouraging and accompanying them to participate in competitions. The children did extremely well most of the time.

I lost my job at the end of 2016, did manage then with little bit of savings and since then I had been struggling to find a job, though I found a couple of job but was not consistent. The first job I got in these last two years lasted for 5 months, though the salary was less than one fourth of what I had been drawing, I took up the job. The owner had the practice of sacking the existing ones, reducing the number of staff and recruiting new with more task handed over to them making up for the work of sacked employees. Each employee has to put in more than 12 hours. The day salary has to be paid to the staff, the owner of the organization is either on tour or out of station and the salary remained pending until his return.

In my previous job I worked tirelessly and enjoyed my work, giving more than 4 to 5 years in each place accumulating to 20+ years of experience. But, this job was too taxing, moreover you felt being cheated and humiliated at the same time. I could not last for long, the second one too was almost the same it lasted for 8 months. The unrealistic approach of employer without understanding how their ambition, their attitude and behaviour is effecting the morale of the staff and subordinates. The human touch is lost in the rat race of “ME FIRST” attitude.

Well I’m back again “jobless”.

At school as usual the 10th class were excited for their last and annual picnic. The farewell function was being organized by the school, since we could not afford the cost of picnic (as per our present situation) we tried to downplay by giving a logical reason to my daughter saying that we can always go with the family next year, so forego it for now, Nikita understood the situation at home and stated that she was not interested in going for the picnic. The same was informed by her to the class teacher as well her class mates. The calls started pouring in next day from her class mates requesting my wife to let Nikita join them for the picnic. They explained as this was the last year they all would be happy to spend some time together, they even consoled her by saying not to worry about money they will contribute for the same, but Nikita refused.

The next day my wife started receiving calls from the parents of her class mates to let her join the picnic. Finally we did manage to arrange the amount. Her friends had already contributed the money and handed over to their class teacher requesting anonymity and not to accept the money from Nikita.

The class teacher related the same to the principal of the school, who instructed the class teacher to give the money back to the students; instead she herself took out money from her pocket and paid on Nikita’s behalf. The principal knew our situation as couple of times we had to meet her to request for delay in paying the school fees.

The above chapter closed, the entire chaos and adventure was narrated to me by my daughter Nikita when I enquired about the prep for her picnic. I casually remarked “Ok, so the principal has become the hero of this story, the star of the year” at this my daughter responded “Woh tho teekh hain papa, par aap kab star banoge, aap kab job per jaoge” (It’s alright papa, but when are you going to be the star, when will you get a job?). Not to mention, I was dumbstruck at her response.

True, the days had been tough for many during the Covid19 days especially with people who ran from hand to mouth, the work orders had reduced, income had thinned down and few even losing the jobs. The remark by his daughter was simple and silly, but it hit him out of blue, unexpected, it will have a lasting effect on him especially for a person who had been taking care of his children and wife for all these years and all of a sudden when situation worsens, people start questioning his ability. All the years of his struggle to upkeep the lifestyle of his family has crumpled down like a pack of cards..

In fact, none of them were spared, neither money could help during Covid19, few even losing lives.

Trust in the family plays an important role, if an incident happens, the family members should be concerned, be understanding and support “the only earning member” and not isolate, doubting his ability, or believing in rumours and gossips rather than trusting your own people, trusting your own understanding.

Neighbours, and others will speak negative but if you stand together and be firm, no negativity will breach the harmony in your family and in fact “Your unity becomes your strength”. 

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