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Seeking Support: Dive into My Debut Story!

Hey everyone,

I’m Himanshi, a 15 year old having a passion of story writing and now, I’m on the brink of a new chapter as I prepare to publish my very own story – “Shadows Of Destiny:A Story Of Lost Kin.”

Embark on a journey of intrigue and revelation with “Shadows of Destiny: A Story of Lost Kin.” In this gripping tale, meet Khushi, a young girl trapped in a world of darkness and deceit. Raised by abusive step-parents after her family’s mysterious disappearance, Khushi’s life takes a dangerous turn when she escapes their clutches one fateful night.

Alone and lost, Khushi encounters two enigmatic strangers, each harboring secrets of their own. Little does she know, one holds the key to her forgotten past, while the other is drawn to her through haunting visions.

As they unravel the tangled web of lies surrounding Khushi’s family, they become entangled in a deadly game with the ruthless mafia. With time running out, Khushi must confront her deepest fears and embrace the truth to reclaim her future.

Join Khushi as she navigates the shadows of her past in “Shadows of Destiny,” where hope shines brightest amidst the darkness.

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