More than 1 crore marriages take place in India every year. According to Indian social norms, a woman has to live on her husband’s house after marriage. According to Indian law, the age of marriage for women is 18 years, and many girls carry a great deal of burden before they can acquire a good educational qualification at the same age. But does this lead to the complete success of a marriage? Many parents would argue that this law is not a complete success if it has been around since the age of 18 and many have reached the maturity period.

Between 25-30 people per 100 people at this age understand maturity or the social value, culture, decency, and the authoritative clarity of the legal system. If so, can the law be amended so that only they can get married at the age of eighteen? That is never possible. In adolescence, research suggests that mature intelligence develops between the ages of eighteen to twenty-five. Those who receive the correct maturity between the ages of 18 and 25 are those who have parent’s which know the value of perfect education and about society and the future life. Girls and boys who grow up with their proper discipline know the value of life and the value of education and adapt to it all and adopt married life.

More than half of all girls who become wives at the age of 18 have a national disability. This is because it is the perfectly balanced people who are always ignored in the politics of power struggles. When a political party rules in India, how many unnecessary mans supported a leader? Since winning of an MLA or an MP in election, there have been around 10-200 supporters, including pa and secretary. If you come to see any of these people’s representatives to ask the rights of the common man, the unnecessary supporter’ will welcomes you and didn’t allow to see the representative. They says that, them can help the people give them some fees.How could a normal man can argue for the rights of a common man?. They are draining our blood and killing us. But does the MP even know that the common man has come?

When a political party is in power and declares the benefits to be inherited in India, which is inhabited by billions of people, what the people get out of these many unnecessary ranks is debt and commitment.Today we have a country that provides learning equipment for poor home students and sanitary pads for girls. We are also making progress in education. But does everything reach everyone ?. How many people in India die every day due to hunger, poverty and debt? The Indian people would never want such a government if the government felt it could not change all this. If a farmer takes a loan of Rs 10 lakh, how much will he repay? Retirement is given to all jobs and why the regime is biting and draining people. No retirement there either. Give it to the new generation. Are the rich who are bribing the government hiding and killing India?. “O” society that calls for complete education .. How can educated people not get jobs. Politics there too. What a privilege it is to have so much priority only for one’s party and those who give greetings. Isn’t it true that so much debt has been incurred by political Kabbalists in India? If we want to get the Indian economy back, we must first create a better political future for India. Only 10 Class Ineligible people are got jobs by a political Corruptors, and those who are qualified are not given jobs.

Why not contest the election with the condition that the candidate can contest after passing an eligibility test?

How are politics and marriage related?

More than half of the people who do not get even a fraction of what is allowed as mentioned above have daughters, and the cost increases as they get older and at the same time they are unable to provide adequate education, leading her to responsibility when she begins her youth. When the government provides educational assistance to all, how much does it ensure that everyone gets it? How successful are today’s young couples who are getting married before they realize the reality of life? When marital desires are at their peak, those who live according to the law do not realize how safe they are in society, and when they reach maturity, their lives deteriorate. In fact, lowering the age of marriage erases traditional Indian culture, which has eroded the mental, economic and life value of the very future youth of the Indian people. This is what a bunch of people are pointing out and talking about. How valuable it is to impart valuable knowledge about marriage to students along with education in India so that they can understand the importance of age, society and culture in married life and their future.

Now let’s talk about a woman’s life. A girl is born from a mother. Let’s tell a story

Janaki turns 24 today. She is studying to become a dentist in Kozhikode. The family said it was the age of marriage. The plan is to tie the knot when the study is completed next year. Janaki’s father Sudarshan is a staff member in the village office, her mother is a housemaid and her only daughter is Janaki. The family lives on the meager income of their father. Sudarshanan got a job in Palakkad. Before Janaki was born, she said goodbye to her family in Alappuzha and drove to Palakkad. Although Sudarshan and his wife are not having much fun with their families, they both have a lot in common. They lived in a quarters complex with only colleagues. Sudarshan’s’ mother’s cousin children was the only one who came occasionally. That’s how Janaki can be. Sudarshan bought land there and put up a house. Janaki grew up. Although she knows all the relatives,but she didn’t sawed the close relatives of her., she only sees whom was her fathers cousin brother who visits their house occasionally and his spouse and children’s, . Today Janaki almost got a good wedding plan and they got married, This is the last day for every father to spend as much money as his daughter can happily spend. . She knew in that look that he had arrived at her house as a guest. Her house is now her husband’s house. Will I get the love and care I received when I lived there for 25 years, and the rest of my relatives are my husband’s relatives. In short, she felt like she was like buying a puppy. Doesn’t she need care and love to alleviate the stress that every woman in India experiences after marriage like this? But in how many families does a woman change the changes that take place when she becomes a wife and make her completely satisfied? How many women suffer from domestic violence without thinking about it? All of these fall into the above age group. There is no doubt that imperfect politics and education are responsible for carrying burdens, judgments, torture deaths and the development of mental disorders at the age of understanding life. What are the barriers to changing the age of marriage policy?.This policy should be changed. Students should be educated and represent the future of India. Let there be clear political positions.



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