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An Indian lady

           An Indian lady

Real incident, not an imaginative story…. Also this is like a testimony

I am staying in hostel for doing my post graduate. One day I feel amazed. Because of an incident. This made me to know the truth and taught me faith.

When the day I felt so bored. So I read a short story which is a comic book. After I finish reading, I felt so sleepy… But I want to overcome it. In my hostel, I sat alone in my room, my roommates are playing in outside. But I was in the mood of playing. Afterwards I take rest for fifteen minutes. Sleep couldn’t come, but hungry came. So, I decided to drink coffee in mess. Then I locked my room and stepped down in the stairs. My legs walk towards the mess hall, my eyes watching every one. Some fellows are playing throw balls, some were doing pooja in the pooja room. Many were sat in outside and chatting with their bestiee. Then I saw every staffs and workers in my hostel. It’s a ladies hostel and staffs also ladies alone. Even security also, some times which stimulates me very gloomy. Only for fill the stomach and protect their family members, they worked so hard. Even rainy season, they are lying outside.. One night, my friend and myself saw like that, we can’t bear it. Because, on the day the security came with her son, may be he is four or five in age. Then we take a pillow and mosquitoe coil, give it to them. Then only we lessen our sadness. 

  I take my coffee cup and moved to wards mess hall. I filled tea in my glass. In the mess, myself and a lady only there. Then I get the snacks from the lady. After that I finished my tea and snacks, I had a curiosity to talk with her and know about her. But I don’t know how to start my conversation. She keep on praying to the lord. Then I moved towards her and sat infrInf of her. I didn’t open my mouth. But she started to narrate her life story. I lend my ear to her for listening. She started that I am a poor lady. I lost my parents while my childhood. I had a sister. While I am nineteen, I married a poor man. Later that I begot a boy child. Then I decided to keep a marriage for my own sister and my husband. Then they got married. And she begot a girl child. Later I planned to go to singapore for seeking jobs. I went Singapore and working as an ayah. Life moved smoothly. I am belonged to hindu family. But, I convert into Christianity, while working in Singapore. Two years passed, I had a shocked news about the death of my husband. I went to my native place. I stayed two months. Again I went to singapore for my work. Once in a year, I came to my native place. one day I felt very sick. On seeing my house owner, she took me to the hospital. She is a very kind hearted lady. After my check up, the result is cancer cells in my uterus and brain. I felt very shocked. Then the lady gave me a flight ticket for return to my my native place. I took many treatments. Through my prayers and the faith upon god, he healed my disease without undergoing any operations or treatments. Only by his grace, I am still alive… Thus she ends her story…

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