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Departure Bonds: Forever in My Journey

What is this feeling of someone leaving? Of another void being created? And suddenly, you start remembering all the past events when you had the same feeling.


When someone leaves, it’s not just their presence that exits your future; past memories of both of you together come to mind, and you realize that with that departure, a part of your life has slipped away. It’s the time duration you shared that has now come to an end, and this journey concludes here. There still could be a scenario where you might talk to them and meet them; Or maybe you both will get busy with your lives, encounter new people, and move on.


Therefore, more than any other point in the future, the day you leave and the day immediately following, I will miss you the most. Also, on days that remind me of our time together, I will miss you the most. Since in the future, I might forget you and you might forget me, let’s celebrate each other today and mourn our departure.


And then, like every other time, life will go on. The stirred-up feeling will settle down, and the days will return to normal. We will continue navigating through life, progressing towards our goals, advancing towards the end, and in that process to come , we will lose countless people and gain a few.


I won’t remember you at that time, but I sincerely hope that you find your peace and have those few precious people by your side when it’s time to say the final goodbye.


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  1. But we will forever be in our memories. The time we had was so precious.
    Will see you soon ✨
    Till then , goodbye 🌸
    Take care and best of luck 💖
    ~ Disha

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