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Resolute Awakening: Command to Self

Please, don’t sleep; stay awake with me in this moment.

Don’t wander, don’t ignore, don’t create illusions impractical.

No daydreams, no concocting unrealistic scenes.

I urge you to cease all time-wasting distractions and sit down to work right now.

No ‘buts’ or ‘ifs,’ no completing other tasks before your work.

Set aside your excuses, take a seat, and begin.


Pause, reflect, understand, then act.

Don’t revert to old habits after just a day or two.

Break free from the cycle of misery.

I implore you to halt and forge a new path.

I’m done hoping that things will magically improve someday.

I need you to rise and instigate change yourself.

And don’t even entertain the thought of giving up.

I’ve endured enough of that.

So, please, stay in the moment with me and decide for yourself.

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