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From the darkness I reach out my hand

With a cry of despair that shakes this land

Is there no one who hears my pain and cries?

Who sympathizes with my heart’s demise?

Where is the one who will hold my hand

And help me through this journey and stand?

No favoritism when I ask, who is on my side?

Not who is like me, but who can lend me a guiding hand.

Help is available, it’s clear to see

Whether your community is like mine or not

But those who never share their pain, less intelligent,

And those with less intelligence are not able to understand even after listening

I think I can’t think, should I think or should I think more?

Or should I just let the world decide, and walk forever alone?

Without a helping hand, I fear I may not make it through

So to whoever hears my calls, I offer my thanks, eternally I do.

I believe in the power of art to heal, to comfort, and to transcend.

It’s the only religion that I know, where my soul can truly extend.

I lay down at its feet and surrender to its beauty and its grace,

For only art can show me heaven’s face and set my soul in a more joyous place.

I don’t know God above, I can’t claim to have seen

What lies beyond this mortal veil, what eternity might mean.

But if there’s something sacred out there, some force or spirit divine,

I choose to believe that art can touch it, and show the beauty that it’s time.

So when the world is dark and cold, and I feel lost and alone,

I’ll turn to art and feel its warmth, and feel that I’m not alone.

For art is more than just a craft, it’s a way to find our truth,

It’s a journey that we take together, it’s the only path to prove.

So let’s embrace this artist’s faith, let’s hold it tight and hold on strong,

For it’s the only thing that’s truly sacred, the only thing that’s never wrong.

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Lakhi Singh