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18 pages

Once upon a Time…

In the small town of Bellbridge, there lived two best friends named Martin and Louis.They had been inseparable since they were little, they Shared countless adventures and created cherished memories with each other. Their bond was unbreakable, built on the foundation of Love, Trust, Loyalty and a deep understanding of each other’s soul.

As they grew older, life took them on different paths. Martin became a doctor, dedicating his life to helping others, while Louis pursued his passion for art, striving to bring beauty into the world. Despite their divergent careers, their friendship remains steadfast.

One fateful day, tragedy struck both friends. Louis was diagnosed with a terminal illness, leaving him gasping for life. But even in his darkest hour, Martin stood by his side, determined to do whatever it took to save his friend. When everyone was giving up on Louis, Martin was the only one who stood by his side. With a heavy heart, Martin made the ultimate sacrifice. He offered his own life as a gift to Louis, hoping that it would give his friend a second chance to live his life. Martin’s selflessness knew no bonds as he understood that true friendship means, putting the needs of others above one’s own.

After Martin’s death, Louis was engulfed in grief,unable to comprehend the magnitude of his friend’s sacrifice. As he tried to come to terms with his loss, he stumbled upon a forgotten diary among Martin’s belongings. Curiosity sparked within Louis as he opened it, discovering the essence of his dear friend’s thoughts and emotions.

Page by page, Louis delved into the diary, through Martin’s heartfelt words and intimate reflections. Each entry unfolded a beautiful tapestry of their friendship, revealing the depth of Martin’s love and his unwavering commitment to Louis’ s happiness.

In those 18 pages, Louis found solace, a way to reconnect with Martin’s spirit that continued to reside within him. He realized that Martin had made the ultimate sacrifice not out of obligation or duty, but because their friendship meant everything to him. It was Martin’s profound love that had saved Louis.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Louis decided to honor Martin’s memory by living the life he had been gifted. He embraced each day with gratitude, cherishing the beauty in every moment. Louis knew that he owed it to Martin, the friend who had saved his life in the most extraordinary way. And so, the story of true friendship between Martin and Louis lived on, becoming a testament to the power of selflessness, love, and the unwavering bond that transcends even death.

In the end, 18 pages forever etched their extraordinary tale into the annals of friendship, reminding the world that true friends not only bring joy and companionship, but can also be the very reason for our existence.

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