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Chapter 1 Seasonland :- incomplete love story of Summer and Winter



The SEASON LAND is famous because of the four prominent seasons :- SUMMER, WINTER, AUTUMN and SPRING Season land is beautiful place filled with lots of beautiful things which makes other travellers admire its beauty but in the season land there are certain rules :- Not to fall in Love with another season, Not to come in contact with other seasons or even talk to other seasons. Anyone who has been caught breaking these rules were strictly punished because they considered it as an unforgivable sin in Season land.

Unfortunately Summer and winter break the rules by falling in Love with one another, in this story we will come to know about the problems that summer and winter faced being lovers. Most importantly their struggle to fight the system of Season land in order to protect their love, so let’s dive into our story for more details…

The story opens with summer cutting woods in the forest like he used to do in his usual days, but on that day when he was cutting woods in the Forest he heard a beautiful song, summer was so much in love with the melody he heard, he followed along and when he reach the spot, on the river side he saw a girl facing towards the river and singing the same melody, Summer watched her till she stopped singing because summer was lost in that melody and he didn’t want to stop her so he waited til she finished…

As soon as winter finishes her song summer tried to talk but she ignore him and walk away because for her summer is a stranger and she is not comfortable to talk to a stranger Summer use to walk along the river side everyday just to watch her singing the melody, the same process goes on for some couple of days, winter notice that summer is up for something so she walk towards him to talk, when winter started a conversation with summer his excitement level was different, he tried many possible ways to make her laugh and also tried to impress her…

Within a short period of time summer and winter became close friends. They used to share lots of things with each other, and as time passed their feelings towards each other grew. They were madly deeply in love with each other and they failed to see the chaos they created by falling in love..

They used to meet each other secretly because they believe that the Gods won’t understand their love

“Indeed Love is Blind, but the people around are not “

Summer and Winter who where madly deeply in love thought that they didn’t do any wrong being in love with each other, but they clearly know that if the Gods who created season land knows about them breaking the rules they made the Gods will killed them therefore they got no other choice but to run far away from the system of season land in order to protect the love they believe.

And that’s where a tragic part comes in their love story as the Gods come to know about them breaking the rules of The season land.The Gods order the soldiers to immediately take summer and winter to the prison. Summer and Winter were running and hiding ever since they heard the news. The lovers already made a plan of running away from the season land and starting a new life but they weren’t successful as they had been caught and sent to the Gods for judgement.

Summer and Winter question the Gods decision as the Gods order to kill summer and winter. They still believe that it’s not wrong to be in love with someone, one of the Gods said to the lovers :- It’s not wrong to fall in love with someone but for the seasons of the SEASON LAND it is wrong . After that the Gods show a visual to the lovers about the chaos happening in the Earth saying it was their doing…

In the earth people were suffering and dying due to unstable climate, summer season and winter season were Rapidly changing within a seconds coldness and hotness killing the people of earth, everytime when summer and Winter met each each the weather become unstable in Earth.

Summer realised that they made a big mistake but he didn’t want his love Winter to die, looking at her face summer made the bold move by requesting the Gods to kill him and let winter live. But Winter also requested the same for Summer as she loves and cares for him…

The Gods then announced that there will be barriers for each and every season and they won’t be able to see other seasons ever again and for summer and winter the Gods sent them to different prisons for both of them so that they won’t see each other ever again . From that moment on words People of earth started to witness the four seasons as separate seasons …

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