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The Consultation Day

‘Why not enjoy the journey to a new land this vacation?’asked the friend.

‘To a new land ? I don’t get’ replied another

‘Yes,it’s a great idea’

‘Yea, I can’t wait.’

‘But where is that new land?”

‘Can anyone tell me where to go?”

“Yes,yes,tell the name of the place.’

The conversation continues.

So, the excitement increases.

‘Where’s the place?What’s that new land?’

This question was the sole attraction.

Although the question didn’t have any definite answer, it didn’t stop its repetitive occurrence.

‘Alexa,what’s the weather tomorrow?,’asked Sima. Her son Ajay is still in bed.Aloof in his study,Ajay spends midnight oil to complete his assignments and academic activities. His study is a replica of modern-day study filled with amenities and technical support. He needs to attend online classes and take part in other virtual sessions.

‘Ajay,Ajay, Ajay…’,shouts Sima, ‘Look at the wall-clock’

‘Don’t play that fast…wait…wait

‘No, I can’t. I have to make it clear to them that I’m going to be last unless I move fast’

”Ajay, Ajay dear, please get up, babu… don’t waste the time in bed dreaming about …


Sima gets shocked… DrRajendra is calling…

‘Hello, Doctor …

‘Mrs Sima,today is the consultation day…please remember…bring Ajay to my chamber at the earliest…I have a flight to London at night…I will leave the city chamber by evening ‘

Sima cuts the call…

The half- closed laptop, the digital clock, and the digital board in the study console her in their silence…

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