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its love too isn’t it ?


Love; an emotion from Adam’s provenance,settled in hearts for eternal governance !

Love; a subject of choice, exist’s in pure lives .

Love; picks the lucky few, rules hearts from yearning nights to morning dew !

Love; a composition of the heart, knowing the right notes is an unparalleled art .

Love; is a mixed feeling’s matter, only time makes it better !

Love; seeks no validation, know’s no bounds, needs no information .

Love; fills every single void ,making each moment a memory to be enjoyed !

Love; happens when least expected, lives in the minds and captures the heart when soulmate searching eyes are met .

Love; follows no rules, least that can be studied with any tools ! Love; shows patience, yet cannot be fooled.

Love; fuels the body and true love fuels the soul, consumed within as a whole !

Love; is lost to love alone ,only to rise as a phoenix to reach another milestone .

Love; is poor and it is rich, the only constant to behold and enrich !

Love; journey’s through life into infinity, to be blessed by the holy trinity.

I lost myself to love only to know I am love that’s the magic of love, isn’t it ?

© Mrunalini.D.Nimbalkar

May we all be blessed abundantly with love and happiness in our lives.


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  1. What a beautiful writingg💞

  2. Beautifully written! And yes, “Only time makes it better….

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