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Disappearing Clouds

You move just like my life

Sometimes left sometimes right as if you are alive.

You do act just like me

Oblivion to the surrounding, not giving a dime

Always in a hurry but never on time.

You do cry just like me

Without any reason just showing emotion

Sometimes strong enough to hide the notion.

You do sleep just like me

Waking at midnight realising it’s just a dream

Not even garnering the courage to scream.

You do get depressed just like me

I have to live in despair but you just disappear

Do you even hear, I am stuck down here on this sphere.

You do have hurdles just like me

When you encounter the mountain you just rise

My obstacles are always a surprise with no one to advise.

You too will be gone, one day just like me

Even our disappearance will make no difference in the world

Hoping one day our life might get unfurled.

You are just like my figment of imagination

Wandering around without destination

Spending time without calculation.

No you are not like me

Though we are temporary but we do have a different story

I find it better to burn out than fade away

Just for today

Let’s enjoy the day

In the hope of ray

We can wait and stay

If it’s okay.

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