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Radiant Melodies

In the classroom’s soft glow, a radiant beam,

A sight so lovely, like a sunlit dream.

Her smile, a melody, a sweet refrain,

A sunflower blooming midst academic terrain.


With every curve, joy gracefully dances,

Brightening lectures, stealing glances.

It paints the room with hues of delight,

A masterpiece of warmth, oh, what a sight!


In the gallery of grins, hers shines supreme,

A work of art, a captivating gleam.

In every curve, stories unfold,

A tale of happiness, so blissfully told.


Her smile, a beacon in the academic aisle,

A charm that leaves hearts aflutter for a while.

In the symphony of school days, mile by mile,

Her beautiful smile, a treasure to compile.


Her smile, a wonder in the academic sphere,

A spell that makes the hearts around her cheer.

In the harmony of school days, year by year,

Her lovely smile, a memory to revere.


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N. Hemanth