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Transcendental gleam

In the garden of glances, a bloom so rare,

Her smile, a radiant sun in the evening air.

A playful zephyr in a field of grace,

Each curve, a secret the heart will embrace.


Moonlit whispers woven into her lips,

A symphony of stars, where desire eclipses.

In the canvas of moments, her smile’s the brush,

Painting dreams with a tender, ethereal hush.


It’s the dawn’s first light after the darkest night,

A serenade of joy, a breathtaking sight.

Like a compass guiding through uncharted seas,

Her smile, a map to unexplored galaxies.


In the theater of emotions, a spotlight glow,

Her laughter, the script, an enchanting show.

It’s a kaleidoscope of emotions so grand,

A masterpiece painted by an artist’s hand.


Her smile, a metaphor for the sun’s warm kiss,

Igniting a spark, a moment of bliss.

In the tapestry of feelings, a thread so fine,

Her smile, the magic that intertwines.


So, in the story of glimmers and subtle wiles,

Her smile remains my heart’s favorite of styles.

A metaphorical dance, a celestial theme,

Her smile, my crush, a universe in a gleam.



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N. Hemanth