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I guess, I’m in teen years🕗

I guess, I’m in my teen years.

I need to know about my wears.

Wearing of frocks or hats or Jean’s,

Should I come out from my comfort zone or routines?

I need to learn why and how should I ask.

Knowing of people having two faces and wearing masks.

Yes ,Yes, I get confused when someone asks,–” Why so?”

Would anything be changed of saying ‘yes’ instead of no?

Sometimes I doubt on my own dreams and decisions.

Did I make a bad joke or any misprision?

Should I know how to speak, slow or loud?

I get panicked when someone wowed.

I guess I need to learn more than I know.

My trancelike talks turn me into schmo.

I have to choose what is good or what is bad?

Six and one doesn’t always make heptad.

I have to tell a lie when it becomes too personal.

I don’t share this because till now I’m single.

I have to learn not to believe or being polite.

I need to forget all if’s and might’s .

I have to make control over my emotions.

Otherwise I’ll definitely drown in this overthinking ocean.

I’m not become an adult but no longer remain a child doing chitchat.

Well….well….may be become responsible as long as that.

Muskan Dahiya🥰

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  1. Narender Kumar says:

    Your poetry remind me my teen years . Amazing.

  2. Muskan Dahiya says:

    Your comments are important for me to write more beautifully.

  3. Narender Kumar says:

    Your poetry remind me my teen years. Amazing poetry. Right now you are just an amature but after some time you will definitely become professional in this.

  4. Nice 👍👍👍👍 one, felt proud to have a great student like you

  5. Dipti Dahiya says:

    Excellent Muskan 👏 I am very proud of you… I have seen many but you are consistently above comparison 👏 keep it up you will definately reach on you goal 👍all the best dear👍

  6. Hawa Singh says:

    This poem is reflecting a natural truth that everyone faces at some point in their lives. Amazing.

  7. Rahul suthar says:

    I guess teen year are the most difficult phase of my life. Because I have to make my own decisions I have connected with this line more easily

  8. My favourite line is – “would anything be changed of saying ‘ yes ‘ in stead of no ”
    Excellent poetry

  9. Parveen dahiya says:

    This story is very best 👍mukan dahiya😄 I am proud of you😍

  10. Seshadri says:

    A talented teenage poet expresses her emotions through heartfelt words, creating beautiful and relatable verses that touch the hearts of many.
    Well Done! Keep them coming. Hearty Congrats again.!

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