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I have voted and you …?

Politicians who wear the mask of public’s servant,

Are showing that their services’ desire is so fervent.

But these servants wear coat pants.

Walking on the red carpets with modern chants.

After elections, show their attitude of cruelty.

Towards citizens show their disloyalty.

Who are they? Why they do so?

Those who were voted by people in the long row.

At that time, we trapped in their false promises.

Our wrong vote made our country nemesis.

Again with new hopes, new election day comes.

Before casting our votes; teach to our thumbs.

Not to regret but to improve our mistakes.

Cast your vote for candidate not for party’s sakes.

tis our right but be careful and aware.

Vote for our country’s pride and glare.

Vote for the end of corrupt bureaucracy.

Cast your precious vote for saving our democracy.


~Muskan Dahiya ✍🏻





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  1. If this is top poem emerging from the contest, God help our poetry judges. To poetry belong essential poetry elements such as metaphor. To be true to the art, a poem must elevate the reader mind. The words must hold appeal. The flow of thoughts must be as of, say, waves in sea, possibly wondrously draped in belles lettres. I couldn’t trace any of that ‘stuff’ in your First Prizer.

  2. Nav Dahiya says:

    Sometimes poetry is written to understand people and a particular issue. In case of social issues simple language works better to elevate the reader’s mind. Rhyming is good.

  3. Sudhanshu sharma says:

    Hi there …Amazing writing!!! I want to collaborate.I also do write .Lets try something new.Please confirm me at Sudhanshusharma1148@gmail.com

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