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Eowyn Wes and the hidden sound “Choo Choo Choo Choo….”

Once upon a time , there was a noble man named Eowyn Wes. He was living in a small village where there were few earning opportunities. He decided to go to a new place where he could earn money and live a happy life. He came to a city named ‘Demonlands.’ The city’s name gave a little allusion so that any person could easily understand what the place was about. But Eowyn was a very noble hearted man and didn’t pay any attention to the name of that place. The next morning, he reached that city and found a house or became a tenant. There was an old hospital near that house named ‘The Residence of Demons.’ It seemed very weird for Eowyn. Again, he ignored it. He used to go to work by bus regularly. He had to work until 8 p.m. at night. After completing his regular work, he came home by bus. It had been only five days since he started going to work when, one day, while coming home by the bus, he met a strange man. Every day the bus was crowded, but that day only five people were sitting in it. The strange man told Eowyn that his name was Denomy. Eowyn was amicable, so he started talking but felt negative vibes from that person. Denomy was talking about the need for a railway station in the city. But the thing that awed Eowyn was Denomy’s secret smile. After some time, Eowyn reached his house and quickly entered it.

The next morning, he felt something was wrong with him. His heart was beating fast and he was having serious headaches. He decided not to go to work and did rest. At the same night while lying on his bed, he heard the sound of train’s whistle: “Choo Choo Choo Choo…” He panicked and saw the time; it was 11.55 p.m. He ignored the sound, but it continuously happened for five days, and at last, after ignoring it for many days, he decided to see what the mystery behind the sound was. He opened the door and saw the same man ( Denomy) standing in front of him at midnight. He was loudly saying, ” I want a railway track. ” Eowyn was frightened. Slowly, Denomy’s voice became sharp and loud. With the loud voice, Denomy’s eardrums ruptured. Then Denomy started making a white circle of candles around Eowyn’s house.When he placed the last burning candle on the circle, the circle became black, and red rays started coming from that circle. Bleeding started in Eowyn’s ears, and he fainted. After some time, Eowyn’s neighbours came and took him to the hospital, which was near his house. He was admitted to the hospital, and when his eyes opened, he saw Denomy at that place. But he was saved because of the timely arrival of other doctors in the room. The main Doctor ordered the rest of the staff members to leave.

Now, the main Doctor was cyclops, who was an apprentice of Denomy. From its arsenal, he took a falchion and amucked towards Eowyn. Just at the moment, Denomy came and said that only he could kill Eowyn. They started quarrelling. Then staff members gathered there, and cyclops and Denomy disguised themselves as leaving patients. Another doctor cured Eowyn and after the checkup, Eowyn suddenly went home. He checked on his computer about Denomy. Then he came to know that he was a demon who had already killed five good people. He was a black magician, and only by magic would he be killed. Then, Eowyn went towards the Baba, who was a wizard. He told the whole story to Baba. After listening to him, Baba said that whoever came to him to complain about Denomy he killed them all. So, Eowyn was also in danger because Denomy could kill him. Then Baba gave him a miraculous amulet. Eowyn wore it and came back. Cyclops told all this to Denomy because Denomy had ordered him to keep an eye on Eowyn. Now Denomy ordered him to inform him immediately whenever Eowyn took off the amulet. At night, Eowyn took off the amulet and put it in a drawer. The same night, he again heard the sound of the train. He came out of the house and saw Denomy and Cyclops there. He remembered that his amulet was in the drawer. Eowyn was bewildered and ran into the house to take the amulet. He took out the amulet, but Denomy pulled him, and the amulet fell from his hands and was broken. When the amulet broke, Baba came to know that something had gone wrong with Eowyn. Baba at once entered the house and declared, ” Denomy! You can not do anything with Eowyn. I’ll save him.”

After the declaration, Baba saved Eowyn from Denomy and he whispered some spells about killing a black magician. Finally he killed Denomy. Cyclops tried to run away, but Baba caught it . Eowyn said that cyclops did work under the rules and regulations of Denomy, so he might be corrigible. Baba agreed with Eowyn . At least Baba prisoned cyclops into his secret Dungeon.


The story ends…..

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