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The myth behind haunted house 💀

In 1400, a French navigator got caught in a terrible storm and got lost on the west coast of South Africa .He was as brave as a male monarch. His ship was completely wrecked. He had nothing to continue his journey.He saw an island from that coast and decided to go there.There was an ominous silence all around. Then his eyes fell on a derelict house. When he started going towards that house , his eyes fell on a board on which it was written :– ‘This is a haunted house.Don’t make the mistake of visiting here.’ But he was very hungry and was very thirsty so he decided to go there. He thought that he would get something to eat there. The house looked like an old graveyard. There was a small wall all around it and a broken iron gate right in the middle . The gate was lying open. There was also a big Azadirachta Indica ( Neem ) in that house. As soon as he stepped into that house , his foot fell on a hard object and there was a crackling sound. When he looked down , he found that there was a bone under his foot. Perhaps it was a human bone. He was not scared but panicked .When he went further inside, he saw two rooms. The doors of both of those rooms were also open. There he felt as if he was trapped in a game of chess.When he went to those rooms he found that they were empty. Just behind that house there was a big room whose door was locked. But its window was open from which a bright light was coming. Now fear had arisen in his heart. But he went there and pepped through that window. He saw that there was a picture in that room in which a cricket team was standing with the trophy in hand. That picture was visible because of the sunlight .Then he guessed that there must be a good Grecian player living in this house because at that time only Grecian people used to play cricket . Slowly it started getting dark but he tried play it cool. He never got enough sleep during his entire journey .He decided to sleep in on that night there . The next day three sailors arrived there in search of him.When they saw that board none of them dared to go there. They left a small boat there, they thought if he would be there, he would come to them with this boat. Next morning , when he woke up, he saw that boat and he understood that his friends had left this boat here, who had come here looking for him. He sat in that boat before leaving he uprooted that board and threw it away. He beats the odds. He reached his territory . He told his companions the whole story of that house. Thus he broke the myth of that haunted house .Now he started going to that house with his friends to drink and have fun.

~ Muskan Dahiya ✍🏻

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