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The Naughty Parrot 🦜 Zuzu

Once upon a time, there was a 10 year old girl living in a village with her father and mother. Her name was Ruhi.

On her 10th birthday, her father gifted her with a talking parrot named Zuzu. He was very naughty, but no one knows the fact. He became honest in front of Ruhi, but mischievously worked when she was not there.

One day, Ruhi had to go somewhere; therefore, she ordered Zuzu to maintain all her work. She put Zuzu in charge for one day. But Zuzu did the opposite.

When Ramesh ( Ruhi’s father) asked Zuzu what time Ruhi went to get milk, Zuzu told him the wrong time. When Ramesh went to get milk, he came to know that the milk had already been sold. Ramesh felt that Zuzu might have made a mistake.

Then he asked Zuzu:

When does Ruhi buy vegetables?”

Again, Zuzu told him the wrong time.

This time, Ramesh became suspicious of Zuzu. After some time, Ramesh again asked Zuzu:

“When does Ruhi go to eat juicy mangoes with her grandpa?”

Zuzu again told him the wrong time. When Ramesh went to his father’s house, he saw that he was not there. At this time, he used to go for a walk. Ramesh came to know that Zuzu is a very naughty parrot.

The next day, when Ruhi came back home, Ramesh told her the whole story. But Ruhi didn’t believe him. When Ruhi asked her mother about this, her mother also told her that it was Zuzu’s mistake. Ruhi decided that she would keep an eye on Zuzu.

The next day, she again handed over all the work to Zuzu and went out. Ruhi had not actually gone out; she was keeping an eye on Zuzu from outside the house and she came to know that her father was right. Then Ruhi went to her father and said,

” Papa, you were right. “

Her father was thinking of giving Zuzu to someone else but Ruhi refused because she loved Zuzu very much. Ruhi told her father that Zuzu would never do it again. Ruhi called her friends – Meenu and Seenu and made a plan with them. After the plan was made, all three went to Zuzu. Ruhi said to Zuzu:

“It’s been so long since we went out anywhere. Let’s go to the park.”

Ruhi kept Zuzu in a cage and took him to the park. Meenu and Seenu also went with them. After reaching the park, Ruhi started playing with Meenu and Seenu and kept Zuzu’s cage nearby. After an hour, Ruhi went away from there.Ruhi did not return for a long time. Then Meenu and Seenu started talking among themselves about how Ruhi would not come now.

Meenu said that she would earn money by selling Zuzu.

Seenu said that Zuzu could become delicious food for her cat.

Hearing their words, Zuzu got scared and started thinking of ways to escape. But he could not run away. As soon as he saw Meenu and Seenu coming towards him, he pretended to become unconscious. Meenu and Seenu got scared seeing this because their plan was going to fail. They opened Zuzu’s cage so that they could keep water in it. But as soon as the cage was opened, Zuzu flew away. They called Ruhi.

Ruhi had also reached there and suddenly Zuzu hugged Ruhi. Ruhi kissed Zuzu and told him about the plan. Ruhi taught him that we should not do mischief. Zuzu also realized his mistake and promised Ruhi that he would never do it again.

The story ends…..


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  1. Nav Dahiya says:

    It reflects a lovely bond between birds and humans🩷

  2. Nav Dahiya says:

    It reflects a true and lovely bond between humans and birds🩷

  3. Komal Grover says:

    Wow what a beautiful story ❣️ and mostly I loved the name of the parrot 🦜 Zuzu 😍

  4. Your comments are important for me to write more beautifully 🥰

  5. Nice story for children , they learn a lot from this🎉🎊

  6. Sudhanshu sharma says:

    Hii there Amazing writing!!!.I want to collaborate with you as i also do write poems.Lets try something new!pls confirm me at And here is my username at zorba account *

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