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Becoming Hanuman 2

My personal realisation is that the activity of sex is the predominant energy now active on earth. The lure is the pleasure quotient in-built into it which is very potent.

But the price one has to pay for it shows in later life. It is a serious burdensome system of repayment that never stops.

Humans have a mind. Wish they would use it.


Some individuals for some reason, unhappy with life look for answers out of the ordinary way of life.

Mostly after a long life of going against the grain they do find many secret corners that are not obvious. They then speak about it.

But does their speaking about it help the people?

I don’t think so. The subject is treated as experimental spirituality and the words used are reinterpreted to become meaningless. And that is that. A lot of discussions is all it develops into.

It was a golden rule with people who realised certain aspects of this life that they spoke about it only to people that they considered ready for it.

The saddest part is that people just go about repeating the adages and all it does is to agrandise their egos as being superior which rather stops all possibility of further spiritual growth in them.

In short it does the opposite of the intended gesture.



What a beautiful fortress.

When I see the watch tower and the mini tower on top of it so that the watcher can look very far in the distance……..I imagine myself in that watch tower, thinking of life. In the year 1500, what was I looking at?

The fear of being attacked. The fear of nowhere to run. The fear of death and the fear that the family will never know. The great fear that battle will hurt me and that the “butchers” (doctors of those times) wouldn’t know what to do with me and leave me a cripple.

Today in the years 2000 we have at least come this far that we have little fear of being suddenly attacked. We are rather assured of a safe return home every day. If hurt we are easily found and the repair technology of our surgeons is fairly advanced and crippling effect of life is cared for and made easier. There is easy communication, and in warfare there is great advancement in equipment to protect its soldiers with backup.

There is no doubt we have come far but we have also allowed our compassionate side to slide. And it is this fact that will now write our future.



Humanity ignores malevolence when judging itself: this is an error. In its manifested form on earth, the Divine spirit is neatly and deeply hidden under layers of ego-centricity, brainless mumble, the subconscious and the instinctive running of the planet by Mother Earth.

Humanity is giving itself airs and misleading itself so it can continue with its idiotic stance.

Its love for its own “Dukkha” (as the zen people would say) is superimposing itself on everything.

Given the choice of instant heaven vs their Dukkha, not one will opt for leaving life for heaven.

Just look how we bring up our children:

We don’t want courageous progressive thinking individuals; we want submissive idiots who will dance to our tunes. And we keep on the onslaught even in later years by shaming them, criticizing their efforts and also using the method of reverse psychology to control their reactions to get them to care for us and run around us for our gain.

The adults perpetuate their miseries, talk of god and greatness but make sure that pettiness prevails on Earth.



How the powers that be (religionists) want us busy, stuck and isolated.

You are free to do the breast-stroke or the crawl as long as you stay in this swimming pool assigned to you.

This is all the water there is. The ocean is a myth. Anyone claiming otherwise is heresy.



Why do we equate “YOUTHfulness” with a body of our 20-30s and activities that we did at those ages?

This is more a matter of MIND. A mind that is growing and maturing always feels young and is ready for more. It is the enquiry quotient and need to learn new tricks that keeps the mind young. A mind that is beset with new questions cannot grow old.

The youngest mind is the one that lets the past go easily, acquires new talents and childishly looks for new problems to solve. A young mind is not bothered with pride, showing off, attracting attention but looking for new creative ventures.



“This has to be done this way” – is a death sentence to the child in us. In the name of tradition, custom and laws all spontaneity is bashed out of the spirit.

Right from day 1 the lives of children are regulated and instructions piled on them. All spontaneity is systematically killed. They are frightened, coerced and educated in a way that suits the parents and society in which they move. How can humans flower as individual thinkers in these conditions?

What is keeping us from instituting a more positive atmosphere in the bringing up of children?

I come from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram where I was encouraged, praised and allowed to experiment, make, even waste as long I showed this tendency to “try”. Our attitude should be to teach patience, analysis, research, contemplation and to take calculated risks. This is how humanity will progress but NO we do exactly the opposite and shoot ourselves in the foot.

Humans are perverted. We start showing signs of distress and fear whenever somebody talks of change and progressive positive attributes.



When a Guru tells all (too early, too much), the quest is killed prematurely.

The world is not advancing spiritually because there is too much sermonizing and spoon feeding. There is no spirit-hunger.



Most companies, employers manage on the philosophy that they are doing the runt-class of people a favor by giving them employment. These employees for them are expendables; of little value and easily replaced.



I now see clearly the persona of the mind so distinctly separately active in people that I just don’t fit into the whole anymore. It is like another person attached to the name we know. The mind has taken a persona of its own. How did this happen? By language and audio-visual exposure. The is laden with so much information that it has become arrogant and touchy if errors are pointed out – for one thing it hates to even consider the point that it can ever be in error.

If we pay attention to this mental being we shall be far more accurate in fathoming the person, his predictability and choices.

This kind of knowledge is so essential to happy togetherness.

I feel I have matured well but I still get irritated and angry when somebody is trying to pass on some BS.

I still have to learn to not be affected and lose my temper by the elemental dishonesty that is all around us.



Yet life in its basic character is a process of opening up to greater acuity in perception. Mother Nature neither gives rights nor is kind. And even so we cannot forget that malevolence is a thing and exists.

But behind our minds is hovering the ever sensitive ego – better term being amour-propre.

When hurt comes from a “person” the resentment is personal and it hurts more because we expect “appreciation” from other humans.

It is the expectation of a smooth and wishful life that makes us weak and depressed at the tiniest spill.

Is it a criticsing mind (In cahoots with the mouth) or a critical mind? At the criticising level all minds are at low consciousness levels. The evolved mind observes, notes and analyses but accepts it all as part of the game and keeps its conclusions to itself. At best it may write a ponderous book (to avoid arguments and direct confrontations).

Why do I like so much to shake things/thoughts/established patterns so much?

Because the time has come to renew the energies that have taken hold and established themselves in the earth’s atmosphere and a change is sorely required otherwise the old energies are busy consuming their own selves and will soon consume the whole creation.

There will be vociferous objections as the status quo is quaked. Mother earth has called I must obey. Whatever we may pretend, things are not alright.



Technology: good or bad

Normally this kind of talk is reserved for the discerning class. The world today is in the hands of the mindless class and this class knows not what is good or bad; it knows only that it “wants” something and it will use all and any tool available to it to get what it wants.

The intelligencia has not been very intelligent by making sophisticated tech simple and easily available for the inept; for whatever reasons.

All I can see is that thieves and crooks are having the time of their lives with such aids now available to them.




·       Most things can be said in one sentence. But we love paragraphs.

·       Slow down and make your life last longer.


·       The future is going to be ruled by cellphones (AI). How exciting things will be! Most of us will be baffled.


·       Like Butter goes to Waist, Money-power goes to the Self-important selfishness. Only great old souls escape.


·       You are assuming that anyone is even seeking to grow. How naïve can you get? They may speak about it and even dream but look into their subconscious, the bedrock of the foundation of our character – you won’t see any movement there except of inertia and laziness and smug-satisfaction.

Until this aspect of the human character is fully understood there will not be any change – not even an iota.


·       All pain ensues from trying to make the moment last.



Life games.

Now supposing I am in it and refuse to play or play but not really get involved?

Could this be behind that sentence told me a long time ago by a young lady “With you I don’t feel needed”.

I have been thinking about it for all these years.

Was she giving out the natural subconscious image of a woman who expects to be adored above else and see her man make a fool of himself in abject drooling subjugation?

No this I could never be and no wonder no-woman ever said “yes” to me. Though I had 6 serious affairs but they would not agree to marry.




The couples are not a team.

Uptil a century ago the heart was playing a dominant role in the forming of couples. The women were trained from childhood to use their hearts and acquiesce to men. They didn’t always like it but it kept the quarrels within the walls of home as society would not be a partner to it. Laws were such, those laws that were made by men to subjugate the women anyway but the women had the say in the home and psychologically without their presence a home could not run. All this said it can be noted that couples tried to live together as a team. There were two persons in the formation of a couple; one using the mind and the other the heart and eventually in time they would merge into a cohesive team.

Today the scenario has changed.

We are no more a couple of two. We are rather 6 persons trying and vying to make it together. We have the body, the heart and then the mind with its ego component. The bodies have no complaint. The hearts also have no complaints up to a point but habits can grate on nerves and make people desire separation. But the problems starts with the mind. Now that it is educated, legally freed from earlier constraints, it is no more afraid of the big bad wolf or the world at large. It has its own particular view of life, the world and things and the mind is dominated by the ego which is in love with itself first. It has very specific wants and will become terribly unhappy when not being accorded its pound of flesh. This unhappiness now reigns.

Availability of money to both the men and women in equal measure has not helped at all. It is like fuel and match lying together.

When the demands are not being met, it soon becomes war. To the mind life is war, love is war, getting job is war, keeping the job is war and leaving the job too is war. Compromise, compassionate grounds are not in the reckoning. A relationship goes according to each person’s mind or not at all and it will fight for it. It soon involves the body into the fight. The heart follows suit by habit.

Conundrum reigns and like the referee in a boxing match the opponents have to be physically and forcefully separated.

The days of loving couples is gone. No quarter taken or given. Like in a war, the only way a team can survive is when one of the partner permits himself or herself to be subdued and this often happens when economic considerations are predominant and there is no help from society.

The love of children often keeps people together but mostly this last generation is a generation of kids from divorces having to live with 4 parents if not more and getting thoroughly disturbed in the process. The psychiatrists are having a terrific time. Trauma has become the operative word. Anti-depressants the common denominator. It is listen to me or else!



Essay on people.


What makes us act reach for the better?

Our “questions”. Most people don’t have any.

Can people be? : Always vague & evasive. Always argumentative & non-committing. In the name of helping always intrusive. Very self-praising and critical of others. Almost in continuous verbalising mode. Love noise and great show-offs with nothing to show really. Frog in the well and happy to be there. Basically dishonest.

Primarily due to lack of exposure to the wider world outside their village.

All the signs of a lowered level of consciousness which the digital age has helped enhance.

We can describe is the basic character of humanity as…..

I have often talked of this subject by giving the example of a some-one coming from the low economic income group where even owning a bicycle is considered a privilege; when this person buys a cycle, which for him is comparable to buying a RR by the king. And he compares himself and behaves uppity wherever he may be – totally forgetting his place or understanding the situation. In his mind he is upper class and that is that and his arrogance becomes a standing feature.

I think the basic human character is this primarily due to lack of exposure to the wider world outside their village (whatever their small area of operation is).

Question: When we put out words, obviously it must have been with some thoughts backing them using the usual logic of some commonness of meanings accepted universally and when we respond then we are told that what we understand has nothing to with it all and that our understanding is all in our head… the words that were sent out were they sent meaninglessly by the sender?

Humans think arrogantly, prejudicially, superficially, egoistically and always in error


Once we enter the intuitive mind the answers come automatically and you learn because the Universe supplies the answers/explanations in a continuous stream. Every time we hear or see or interact or do anything, the intuitive mind opens a window and all the possible answers can be seen thru it to any question that may rise in our enquiring mind.

But the basic is an Enquiring mind or the journey never gets started.



In ZEN schools it is said that to teach humility toilet cleaning is part of the assignments. Maybe. I think most students would take it as a “JOB” and as it is considered to be an activity that is namely assigned to the most capable students, it may actually go to their heads as honorable.

I think real humility comes when you are down in life and social status and you have to bear the tongue-lashings of your superiors. In real life derision from your wife can impact your ego more than any other tragic event in this word.

Conclusion: Taking a lowly job and marriage are tougher/better schools.




The medical/hospital industry is not honest.

The speed with which they want to label sicknesses with names for which they have established treatment protocols is quite malicious.

There is no attempt to go deep into the health psyche of the patient or understand where and why of the sickness attack on a particular person.

For example: I know someone who had a soda after his late meal at the age of 78. A heart attack ensued. The carbonated soda just pushed him to the edge.

Later a crate-full of soda bottles were found in his room.

The patient was under the impression he was drinking Bi-carbonate of soda drink.



Dreams on being stuck and often.

These dreams are trying to remind you of the spiritual agenda you have forcefully pressured yourself to NOT let go forward. You are not stuck but do not wish to move forward from the comfort spot you have made for yourself.

You are self-excusing in many ways and holding on. Please allow your deeper self to come forward.

Don’t fall into this trap: Most consider themselves living at a level that can only be termed “Best in its class” and secretly wonder why people can’t be a bit more like them. And this blocks them spiritually. The dreams try to warn but this is easily waved away.




Imagine being churned like a “something” in a bowl and being proud of it.

This is what most human personalities are.

The average Joe is following and knowledgeable about all the subjects TRENDING. He is IN.

His opinions comes from the single approach of SEEMING good but this is what makes him feel good, great and spiritually virtuous. No thinking for oneself. No external influence thru words can make any difference in his thinking.

They consider themselves living at a level that can only be termed “Best in its class” and secretly wonder why people can’t be a bit more like them. In their kindness they are very free with advice and constructive criticism.

This person is an extension of the TV/Media culture of today diligently crafted by the masters.

People who are energetic and will try their friendliest most to bring you down to their level of the general populace and destroy the individualism you have built up.

What can you do? Nothing except run away and shun them.



Incidentally, this morning I chose to meditate on the broken relationships within family friends with me. I analysed one by one the very close friendships I have had and which suddenly disappeared from my radar. In all of them I realised the moral compass was that got the relationship into trouble. The focus mainly being how relationships should be between the sexes was on top of the list. The IQ of course being important because the ability to adjust to newer ways of looking at things comes only with a broader mind.

I saw how humanity has bound itself up in knots from this issue which is at the center of all things.



From the philosophical angle, on the question of destiny, it seems the relatively best course of action occultly is to just sit in the boat. Forget the oars. Yet Sri Aurobindo says that our effort is written in our destiny. For effort we need wisdom. To garner wisdom we need to row the boat.

What a bothersome, troublesome infuriating enigma.



Forget others. Forget the world. Forget karma.

Where are you taking yourself to?

We are what we repeatedly wish.


Yes the point is that it is the Intention and NOT the actual act that creates the karmic pattern




Reduce your Greed-vulnerability temptability to avoid being cyber-scammed. Run a tight ship


My father’s main conversation starter cum killer was: It would be better if….

I wonder why people, the moment I open my mouth and say two words, want to immediately change the subject to an alternative…..

I am convinced though that they do not wish to encumber their minds with new anything.

Steve Haag

People protect their own story lines and filtering.

Pradeep Pk Maheshwari

This is it and they are so much into a defense mode that they start before even they are attacked. The subconscious is active long before any exchange has begun.



I am reaching a point where I see our lives will be so digitalised that when I reach somebody’s place the opening of the door will be remotely controlled and the sofa will come and offer itself “please be seated” and take me where I am wanted to sit and wait for the person to come over. Of course the table will offer me drinks while a small screen keeps me entertained with song and dance.

Do you realise that your personal consciousness level may be high like you genuinely want the best for everybody and are instinctively kind and careful BUT that your mind may be existing at a lower physical-material level of existence, full of lowly, petty, greedy, inertia-filled small-minded thoughts collected through the world around you?

Your persona maybe good but your conditioning may be bad.

Think and mediate and do some deep analysis on yourself.



Music as a healing element.

When the nerves are taut the body cannot be in a good state. Let music help to remove the distraught vibes. And I mean music; not this shrieking high decibel gymnastics of the senseless exciting of the nerves.


Knowledge and wisdom are always general. We need to broad base our thinking which is contrary to self-centered particularism.



We are grumblers. Not doers. And then there is always KISMET to back up our laziness.


Humanity gives glorious sounding reasons for its scandalous behavior. For instance wars. I am not sure if these should be called “wars”. Can Ashoka’s destruction of Kalinga be called a war? What did he achieve? The whites went into tribal territories with their gunpowder and MASSACRED the defenseless locals. Great victories they wrote in their history books.

All these wars were massacres. Monuments to huge Egos and the work of demonic forces working thru humans



I read somewhere a judge saying that procreating is a human right and therefore so is copulating. Think: (The implications of these words if interpreted legally)


Mother Nature gives possibilities but NO RIGHTS.

And if this thinking is not stopped, we shall tear THE MOTHER EARTH asunder for sure.



There is very little that humans are doing right anyway. It is the magic of the physical world as organised by Mother Nature that we survive even with all the abuse we unleash and the lies we live with.



The quality of your life depends on how you plan to die.

Look the other way for a change.


The whole world is drifting in its illusion. The same bleeding year will slyly shift into the next. Happy mass hypnosis that a happier newer year has come.


Telling anyone that they live in self-deceit and/or ignorance needs great courage and readiness to be thrown out the door to the wolves.


My new word for:

The Soul’s attitude towards the Creation in repentant adoration with appreciation for all things and beings and the way they move about in this Creation

COMPASSIASMA (compassion as a miasm)

The word love is a total misnomer. It has become meaningless in today’s parlance. Its time to represent the Soul’s attitude towards the Creation – is long past.

We need a new word to convey this state of spiritual attainment.

The word love from the earth level has become a single common vehicle to encompass the words appreciation, like, passion and physical intimacy.


There is another level where the Universal Divine vibes of non-calculated giving, generosity and compassion becomes the intrinsic basic nature of a being (The nearest example I can give is of the Dalai Lama). This character is not being given importance and no attempt is being made to encapsulate it into our character, education and parenting; therefore the human mind is in a way being kept out of the loop (so to say).

But there are beings hidden amongst us who have this as their Basic nature and everything they do and say stems from this automatically.

It can be very incomprehensible to most street-wise, skin deep superficial humans.


The Information Tangle.

People are complaining that Fb, Google, all internet giants are into information gathering and selling and on that basis selling products or/and services ARE Manipulating.

But that is the nature of mankind. No-one without exception can survive without hiding some facts and some secret elements of his life and the only way to maintain a sane relationship is by manipulating the data that we allow to go out from us. What is so surprising in this?

Remember your courting? How many lies did you utter all along? Today if married do you speak the truth with clinical precision and neatness? Come on let us not fool ourselves.

This whole life is a charade.

By the way how much info do you really need to live properly within the bubble of your existence? How does it matter to you about the cat of the prime minister and the conjectured thoughts of the Chinese Premier? Does the President consult you or anyone in your circle? Will you ever know what decisions were taken in the Pentagon? NO!

Relax and enjoy your life. We don’t need all that info and staying away from these digital bots would be the wise step. Listen to music and go to sleep. How much attention are you paying to your health and all the stuff you are ingesting? This is what should be worrying you.

The SANE thing to do is stay away from gossip-news and info that they feed you to condition your mind.

Do your own research and consult people you trust and who have proven to be reliable and knowledgeable


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