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Becoming Hanuman 3

Humanity is hiding itself behind a deliberate and deftly woven smoke-screen of patented assumptions and downright lies to paint-over a sordid picture of selfishness and cruelty and it considers anyone who points this out as “bitter” to avoid looking at itself.

Once “Certified” meant that you are one for the Asylum.

Today now we have certified teachers, yoga instructors, Nutritionists and what not.

The commercial world has taken the mind in its embrace/control too. The commercial world first is giving out the CERTIFICATES in which it brainwashes the candidate with what it wants them to know and then advises them to go forth and multiply and produce good customers.

As usual the humans don’t see how they have been led by the nose. But at the same it aspires to Divinity when it can’t even be considered street-smart.



Understanding the “love” between couples.

Valentine day is on us. The men see the allure in her eyes, the soft embraces and the willingness to melt in their arms. They notice she has eyes only for them and they are pleased out of this world. Nothing else matters and they are in love. They are sensitive to her every need and treat her delicately like a china doll. Only the best is good for them and so on and so forth. The women see that they have never been treated to so much attention and are pleased to high heaven. This is being in love. Wow.

So, you have seen the love in her eyes and promises are made for life.

It is certain that you and she are made for each other and this will last as long as time will be.

So be it.

But then comes “tomorrow”. The question I pose to all of you. Have you seen in each other’s minds? What do you know of each other’s aspirations, dreams, wishes and goals?

What selfishness lurks in the hidden corners of their hearts? Is the man looking for a love or just looking at a beautiful female form? Or even just a trophy wife? Is the woman looking for admiration or security, a home in later years? Look into yourselves sir now and try to fathom what is hiding in the other’s subconscious. On this will depend the equation of your later years, achievements, prestige, honors and depressing episodes, disappointments and heartbreaks!

There is more danger in what irritates her than standing in front of a coming train. There is more anger in an act of not understanding or listening than a sinking ship. If your goal is just an object of your desire, then you are on the wrong ship. This kind of vibes bring nothing but misery in the form of rejection as in the physical domain nothing lasts very long.

The entire process of longing is born in the hormones that are working under the guidance of Mother Nature. The mind simply follows and helps by thinking about how to conclude the affair to its satisfaction. It is true that the mind as an instrument is quickly bored and seeks change and soon starts looking for superficial change and seeks different looking partners with newer habits. This is unending as a process and those who do not learn to contain their minds suffer throughout their lives from a dissatisfied life and get lost in the adventure of trying to find excitement that they never will find by focusing only on the body’s momentary pleasurable sensations. 

All men and women are basically the same. This realization comes sooner or later. The difference if any is in the mental set-up and emotional maturity (EQ). The trick to get something out of relationships lies in knowing one’s limits such as what we really want, what are our “real” aspirations and focus on these factors. Being grateful for what the Cosmos has already provided is a good place to start. Building up from here is easy and has a more permanent possibility. Never take anything for granted. Understand your mind and its tricks. Acknowledge your temporary itches and do not allow them to over-power you. Contentment is possible with patience, thankfulness and by looking at oneself and life squarely in the eye. If you are loved, accept it. If you are rejected, accept it. Know when your mind is blowing up excuses to justify its constant need for exciting new changes which do not exist. (example: Changing into a new colored shirt does not change the fact that you need to wear a shirt, that the shirt does the same job and feels the same and that your looks have remained unchanged – of course there are cosmetic changes but they impress only for a few seconds).

The worst part is that the subconscious rules your preferences. The Ego operates from here and creates most of the hurdles in allowing an understanding to evolve. If one looks at oneself critically, one will see that the changes and choices are always nearly 90% of the time very similar. We as humans have certain tendencies that play a prominent role in our decisions. We must learn to identify these tendencies and rise above them and not allow them to run our lives by influencing all our decisions.

Let your true love show for this life as a whole and be sure to keep your promises because when you break them even the gods get angry.

True love is there but eventually once the mind’s desire for excitement is saturated, some selfishness surfaces. The mind and its presuppositions along with vanity can keep people apart – and this is one day regretted late in life.


From the post by Sharon James

Many people have a false self-image of themselves and believe that they are unattractive or undesirable. This skewed self-image can affect every part of their life from their self-esteem and self-confidence to their job and relationships. If you have a poor self-image, it affects how you feel about yourself across the board; you can even feel less important than those around you.

There are many factors which can cause someone to think that they are unattractive, but all of those factors essentially come from one issue — comparing yourself to others.(passage from a book)

Reply by PK

Sharon because I have noticed how interested you are in what I have to say, I would like to tell you this:

This thinking trend that people have low esteem is the average mind’s false superficial way of interpreting and looking at life. In reality these people are fooling the world. Their mind is affected by certain feedbacks but at the source they have a good idea of themselves and see themselves as great and expect to be admired. This self-effacing attitude is a strategy to garner sympathy & exclusive attention and get away with a lot in this world. These people should be told that “they can”, given the opportunities and then left alone. After that it should be between them and their soul and their maker.

When we try to help them overmuch we are disrupting their destined goal and promoting their self-centeredness. Occultly/spiritually we are supporting their self-destruction by making them weaker in spirit.


The need for the moment is to help humanity realise that they are not using their mind at all. That they are being used by the energies from the mind domain; not always with good intentions. All their (humanity’s) actions are reflexive; the subconscious rules and this is the domain of habits – emotional and mental.

The joy and freedom, release from drudgery will come when they base their actions on “thought-out” decisions.

The goal of life is to eventually move into the Intuitive mind which is the domain of knowledge and spontaneous knowing in alignment with the truth of the Cosmos. (This is the point where morals and religions drop off as cloaks and become redundant).




False can take only those in its grip who are not knowledgeable. Ignorance is its pot. So recognising false knowledge is in itself a stupendous goal and not given to humans generally who are perfectly content with their nutty-minds. There is identity needed to latch on to; how can it be done? With what element of anything can the False be recognized except perhaps enlightenment and for this the beginning is in getting into the Intuitive Mind state?



Sold to the highest bidder.

Humans and other life-forms have been here on earth for millions of years. Yet today suddenly the humans think that without their intervention the human body and the entire natural system of life will collapse.

The thought is so comforting that we are in “control” that we can stop infections and illnesses and continue without fear with our stupidities. After all we vaccinated. We use anti-bacterial soap. We live in wonderful protected buildings/homes. What can go wrong?

The general populace is so snug about it while the industrials pollute and chemically poison the environment but this worries no one because what is important is their little comforts and magical gadgets (small and big…example: Alexa and SUVs).

Whatever lies or misinformation the populace is given, we lap it up. It is a mutual effort in fooling ourselves into blissful feeling of safety and being above it all.

I am so depressed about this thought wave that has gripped the world.

Even the most intelligent and well informed ones among us are going with the official versions of things without questioning any of it.

I can understand play with gadgets but allowing them to INJECT into us whatever they want in the name of whatever reason is the height of stupid warfare against ourselves. Why does it not ever occur to anyone that we may subconsciously colluding with the enemy by fooling ourselves into a false sense of protective custody?

We have totally outsourced our thinking. We have given up our sovereignty.

Just think till year 1900 our water was clean. The air was free of exhaust fumes.

There were no taxes. People were living to ripe old age even without the magic of modern medicine.

And then what happened? Why did we give away our rights to naturally clean water and air?

And why do we not take into calculation that this dirty water, and dirty air and processed dirty food Is what is making us sick; we are actively helping the enemy by reducing our ability to defend ourselves from Nature by staying away in our artificially conditioned homes. The germ theory of sickness has well gripped us as if there were no germs before. Germs make great scapegoats that we need to live in blissful communion.

Our natural immunity has expired due to over stimulation.

Small things that would have ended as a cold now turn to pneumonia. Cancers are erupting. Heart attacks in children are being reported.

And we are highly proud of it all.

Of what? The fact that we have sent a Rover to Mars. That we can dive 2000 ft into the sea. We can do London to New York in 3 hours.

Yet we are floored by a cold!

Humans need to ask: what will be the value of their coffins?

That’s all they’ll get to call their own.

We are burying the intelligence of Mother Nature and superimposing our very desire-focus on life which is the certain route to pain and misery.

We need to adapt technology to get the max out of nature AND more specially try to rise above our sex-based pleasure seeking laziness bound psychological state.



This inordinate amount of stuff that was buried with the last remains of people….What is this obsession with Life after Death.

More attention is paid to it than to real living.


The burial is done by the living who should understand things that the dead cannot be revived. We have millions of years of past experience to prove it

Debra Gambrell

Yes, and also, maybe the point is not to revive the dead but to let an object “die” with the person who had the living relationship with it.


Pradeep Pk Maheshwari to Debra Gambrell 

True but you are missing my point that this is all the “thinking” of the living. Why are they thinking this way? What is the fear? For example: afraid that the ghost will come back to trouble them?

There is a body of occult knowledge that went into this thinking but as usual as happens in the interpretation of the spirit world by the people in the material world things have gone terribly awkwardly in the wrong direction. Resulting in so much wealth of the earth being trashed and wasted.

From the millions /billions of people on this earth, some thousands excel, wish to go further and make something of their lives. They keep the Mother Earth’s engines humming. Thank the lord for these exceptions.

Otherwise the reality is very banal.

The generally called good people are the masses with no good or bad – just plain Mother Nature’s mass produced humanoid creatures. Just neutral idiots interested in their food, roof, pleasurable pursuits, laziness and sex. If it does not disturb their existence they let everything happen around them as if they are inert as if no serious consciousness is active in and around them. The Evil element in this Universe uses these people to foment its own agenda. A game is being played of the Lila, Karma & the Sub conscious and there is not much we can do about it.





The Middle East

It is not only the center of occult vibes + it has been the route for east and west to mix and pass thru. It was a very happy place full of cheerful nihilism. Then the mohameddans gave birth to Allah and the wars began.

Cyprus and the lands around it are the places where the initial thoughts from the occult world started manifesting into the human psyche. There is a very deeply dug-in layer old vibes. The clash is with these old vibes and new layers that have been adding for at least 15-16 thousand years. (Many of the notions from those times can be seen in India even today: example the cult of snakes- Nag Devta, the Nandi Bull, the entire concept of Shiva).

This area’s subconscious and inconscient patterns are not easy to see or understand. They would attract and disperse occult vibes and affect just about everybody there. It sort of gives a unique effect of every single person operating and spreading out some clashing vibe but also common ones. It has made it an area of great complexity. Humans there today behave in very eccentric and unexplainable ways both as they borrow from the past and manage the future. Intrigue is palpable in the atmosphere.

As for the present times, they need to detach themselves from the past to move ahead and the adamant subconscious is not helping at all.



Information is swirling around us but we live so unaware that we notice nothing.

{There is nothing to be learned from the second kick of a mule.– Mark Twain.}

Humans never open out and give of themselves in any way (our hearts and minds are kept well hidden in a smoke screen). This word love is an utter lie. We open our corporal arms; that is all – and that too momentarily, mostly in need or when vulnerable….to the above sentence I received the answer: “That is often the case”.

My ears perked up. See how pleasantly the human answering has evaded the point by stressing on “this is often the case” – in a way he has accepted but making this acceptance the exception. The truth is: This is the regular fact and fully loving humans are the exception.

This is how humans fool themselves; hanging by a thread in an illusionary age pretending to be a “super” race and deliberately missing all the signs to a better life/world.

And creating a solid foundation for their “Dukkha”



Why do people avoid discussions on preventive medicine and general good health practices?

Because they know they are not living well and their conscience is not ready to accept it.

It is a subconscious safety maneuver.

Not in one’s interest but who cares; “enjoyment is the priority, comfort Zones are cushy and the bread earning program demands it.”

Then ignorance and fear combine and people run to what they have known – whatever it is.

You think I’ll dump the impressive world and persona I have created for just a fear of the unknown that is likely not happening?


·       The issue is that you take everything personally and as an attack. We all do & mess it up. 

·       The desires are floating around in the atmosphere and they swoop down on those showing a weakness for them. The answer is in rising above the need of them by expanding your consciousness to find pleasures in higher vibrations like music, calm, poetry and such. Look deeply into yourself: when you have fondled flesh a hundred times doesn’t the feeling come is this all? This effort of wooing a willing partner and then all the energy spent and then what culminates? Soon the need to start all over again to repeat for the same result.

Until you reach a point where it all seems a drudgery you will not be free of it.

·       the impossible is just out there

·       Bringing God into a conversation kills it. It takes the conversation out of the realm of humans and there is nothing left to say.

·       Why is it taking so long for humanity to understand that you don’t need explanations; you need to be LIVING it.

Start with one adage that strikes you as important, relevant and alive as if written specifically for you. It can be from any author or source.

And see how life flows from thereon.

It is a sad commentary on ourselves that everything we do remains an intellectual exercise with rarely any ripple showing into our habits, notions and duties. Nothing seems to budge us out of our automata and very narrow tube of what we call our lives.

·       Santa and the concept of good and bad is the western mind’s simple version of “Karma”; quite right too.

Most humans need words to grasp every variant of a thought. Their thinking is like laser beams; stuck in a straight line on the word.

Seriously speaking one needs to go beyond thought to understand anything.

But then we have to go to the basics and learn to use the thinking mind which is way different than living in the instinctive mind as we are doing now.



Victoria Beales

thank you for your service of words 


Pradeep Pk Maheshwari: I aim to please this morass of collective blubber called humanity.


On a deeper and serious note let me share with you this note written by with quotes from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother included: By Bernhard Guenther

 “Men are being constantly invaded by the hostiles, and there are great numbers of men who are partly or entirely under their influence. At the present moment, they are very active all over the earth.

The struggle between the psychic (soul) and the hostile forces goes on mostly behind the veil or, so far as it is on the surface, is not understood by the mind.

The apparent freedom and self-assertion of our personal being to which we are so profoundly attached conceal a most pitiable subjection to a thousand suggestions, impulsions, and forces.

Our ego, boasting of freedom, is at every moment the slave, toy, and puppet of countless beings, powers, forces, and influences in universal Nature. All life is the play of universal forces. The individual gives a personal form to these universal forces.

But he can choose whether he shall respond or not to the action of a particular force. Only most people do not really choose – they indulge in the play of the forces. It is only when one can make oneself free of them that one can be the true person and have a true life – but one can be free only by living in the Divine.”

– Sri Aurobindo


The War is Through Us

There is a spiritual war that acts THROUGH us with occult [hidden] forces that influence us and humanity at large, and it is intensifying. We are transducers of hidden forces while the ego-personality that is only focused externally lives under the illusion of “freedom” and “independence.”

We are subjected to the suggestions of occult hostile forces of the vital world, but we also receive insights, creative and inspirational impulses from Spirit, the Higher Self, and Divine forces, which also manifest as thoughts.

We all receive a mixture of these impressions/thoughts from the whole range of lower to the higher realm depending on many factors. Based on our level of Being [soul individuation], our intentions and aspirations in life can either be guided from the lower nature, or we can choose to align them with higher ideals.

The direction we bring our awareness towards determines which realm we tune into and the forces we align with. As long as we live on the surface of the socially conditioned [false] ego-personality [which is also the result of unconscious trauma, childhood wounds, past life karma, etc.], the majority of this will be unconscious and mechanical, living under the illusion of “free will” while we are guided and/or manipulated by hidden forces outside our five-sensory perception.

During this intensifying spiritual war, it’s important to understand how the hostile/deceiving forces, some even demonic auric demi-gods, operate and use, abuse, and manipulate humanity from non-physical realms. I’ve written and spoken about this topic for over two decades in various articles, videos, and webinars.

This article is a very basic overview of the main aspects of how these hidden hostile forces (which have been given different names throughout the ages) operate. Humanity is not on top of the food chain

Malevolent entities feed off of specific emotions and frequencies, predominantly reactive emotional turmoil that is projected externally, such as violence, anger, hate, envy, jealousy, lust and sexual energy of the lower nature, fear, anxiety, shadow projections, pride, self-importance (“feeling better as…”) as well as self-pity (“feeling less than…”), victim/blame consciousness, self-loathing, to name a few.

These occult [hidden] forces also tempt humans with greed, power, and sex working through them, implanting thoughts, suggestions, false spiritual & religious ideologies, and beliefs (such as the religious “savior program”), and desires that are not their own, but humans mistake them as their own.

These negative forces can also appear as “positive” beings in highly deceptive ways that are hardly distinguishable unless you can “see the unseen” and notice the ego temptations they target within you.

How do these forces influence humans? In other words, how do we open ourselves up to their influence, even unconsciously?

They need an entry point to come in.

What are the entry points? (We ALL have them to varying degrees unless you are fully enlightened):

1. Shadow, Trauma, Ego Temptations, Lower Nature

Unconscious blind spots, Trauma, childhood wounding, unintegrated shadow aspects, giving in to the temptations of the lower nature: lust, greed, power over others, mechanical reactive behavior, ego blind-spots, pride, arrogance, self-importance but also self-pity, victimizing yourself, blaming others – all serve as entry points for other forces to come in through the cracks of your un-integrated being,

2. Pharmaceuticals and Illegal Drugs

Entry points can be created via pharmaceutical drugs, especially psychiatric drugs, anti-depressants, SSRIs, benzodines, etc., or illegal drugs, fentanyl, heroin, and amphetamines like Cocaine, speed, and meth, open doorways to demonic entities.

3. COVID mRNA vaccine

Vaccines, especially the recent COVID mRNA vaccines, contain Soratic hostile entities, as Thomas Mayer showed in his research and book; “COVID Vaccines Form a Spiritual Perspective: Consequences on the Soul, Spirit, and Life After Death.” These vaccines also have the potential to dislodge the soul from the body, which opens up a doorway for other malevolent beings to come in.

4. Alcohol, Cannabis, and “medicine” plants

Entry points can also be created via alcohol and so-called “medicine” plants and psychedelics like cannabis, ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, and others. It’s not black and white; however, notice how psychedelics are being popularized, normalized, abused, and romanticized as if there are no adverse effects.

Strong pharmaceutical drugs, illegal drugs, and high doses of cannabis/medicine plants can rapture the aura/energy body and have the potential to dislodge the soul from the body (getting out of the body) so something else can quickly come in and attach.

5. MK Ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

On an occult level, satanic ritual abuse, the notorious MK Ultra program, child sexual ritual abuse, and all kinds of initiation rituals the powerful elite engages in behind closed doors are purposely done to open the doorway to powerful asuric hostile entities who take possession of the traumatized individual and to gain more occult powers via making an occult agreement of entrapment.

6. Psychopaths in power, murderers, rapists, and the death penalty

Most of the powerful psychopaths in power are nothing more than empty vessels of powerful evil asuric occult beings.

Killing their human hosts won’t change anything, for the occult hostile entity that is riding them will survive and attach to or possess a new host. For example, people cheered when “evil” Kissinger died, but from an occult level, nothing changed whatsoever.

Many murders and other violent crimes (including pedophilia and rape) committed by psychotic individuals (be it individual killers, rapists, or psychotic politicians in positions of power giving orders to kill or engaging in sexual ritualistic abuse) can be attributed to these occult malevolent entities who possess or work through them to feed off the “loosh” of suffering, a very “delicious” frequency these beings feed off of.

The death penalty and capital punishment won’t change any of that. It will only give satisfaction to the demonic being (and to the human ego living in the illusion that “justice is done”), which will then look for another suitable human vessel to use.

Hence, as Sri Aurobindo noted:

“…From this point of view, you will see that capital punishment is absurd. The man who murdered was, most probably, under the possession of the impulse of some [occult] being. When the man is executed, the being takes possession of another. Some vital beings want to have their play here….”

Humans are too embedded in a tunnel vision of the dogma of material reality, so they mistake symptoms for causes and don’t recognize the spiritual reality with countless beings acting on and through them.

7. The Trauma Installment Program

From an occult level, humanity was purposely traumatized over the past three years to create more entry points for these entities to come in and take over humans. It’s the “alien invasion through our bodies.”

The psychological repercussions of the lockdown, stay-at-home orders, mask-wearing, and social distancing will be and are already way worse than the so-called “virus” itself.

It has already created and will create immense Trauma for generations to come. The vast majority of people don’t recognize this because they are already “checked out”, out of body, and disassociated, which is a trauma response.

It is psychological warfare and a massive global Trauma Installment program at works – by design – for people who are traumatized are always easier to control.

From an [esoteric] occult perspective, the inevitable Trauma of the past three years has created more entry points for the occult adverse forces to tag in from unseen realms, feeding off of all the suppressed emotional pain of [forced] submission [based on lies].

Most humans have already been disassociated (out of body) for decades and can easily be manipulated by these forces without their awareness.

8. Traps of Agreement

Entry points given access to hostile forces can be made via trap of agreements via engaging in left-hand path/black magic or sex magic practices. Many New Age and popular self-help teachings are black magic practices in disguise. They are based on self-deification (believing to be a god or goddess), worship of ego and egoist will, and wanting to become God, feeling entitled to any desire.

Many so-called manifestation rituals can create these agreements in exchange for a manifested desire or more power, knowingly or unknowingly. It is the classical “Faustian Pact with the Devil,” selling one’s soul for power and riches. These agreements can also have been made in a past life and carry over to the present life.


How can we protect ourselves from the hostile forces?

As long as you are grounded in your true Self and essence and are soul-embodied, they cannot touch you.

They cannot touch your true Self/Essence. They can ONLY tag into what is already there as part of our unconscious and false Self (or you fell into the trap of agreement); hence, utilize them as teachers!

The BEST protection is ongoing psycho-spiritual work (trauma work, shadow work, embodiment practices, spiritual work with sincere aspiration to the Divine, etc.) to bring forth the true Self and close off any entry points, not use any substances or drugs, and watch for your weaknesses and temptations of the lower nature (EVERYONE has them).

Most “entity removal modalities” are useless unless the entry point is closed/healed. Lots of questionable stuff out there, too.

Ultimately, it is about engaging in the Great Work to anchor the soul firmly in your being (“living in the Divine”) and make it the master instead of your conditioned ego-personality running the show, which these forces can easily manipulate.


The Teaching Function of the Occult Adverse Forces

“The hostile forces have a certain self-chosen function: it is to test the condition of the individual, of the work, of the earth itself and their readiness for the spiritual descent and fulfillment.”

– Sri Aurobindo


From an esoteric perspective and in light of the evolution of consciousness, the occult hostile forces serve a teaching function.

So, be VERY careful of the victim/blame trap, i.e., blaming entities or these forces (or anything or anyone for that matter), for that gives them more power while you disempower yourself. There are still many misperceptions and misconceptions about this “topic of all topics” as it has become more popular over the years. Also, be careful of making assumptions. The vast majority of entity interferences are very subtle, nuanced, and oftentimes hardly distinguishable from your own childhood trauma, triggers, shadow projections, or many other unconscious psychological causes.

It is necessary to “know thyself” and your psyche and be strongly connected to Self to discern what is what, for there is the trap of making assumptions regarding entity attachments when the cause could be way simpler.


 “Attacks from adverse forces are inevitable: you have to take them as tests on your way and go courageously through the ordeal. The struggle may be hard, but when you come out of it, you have gained something, you have advanced a step.

There is even a necessity for the existence of the hostile forces. They make your determination stronger, your aspiration clearer. It is true, however, that they exist because you gave them reason to exist.

So long as there is something in you that answers to them (which are your wounds, Trauma, shadow aspects, and lower nature), their intervention is perfectly legitimate. If nothing in you responded, if they had no hold upon any part of your nature, they would retire and leave you.”

– The Mother



Suffering is part of the earthen atmosphere. In the past, if not in the present and afeared in the future. Charlatans understand this well and profit from it without scruples.

Our external mind is always trying to rationalise and lays itself open to be fooled. In fact intuitively all feel there is a Creative Power at work and the earth, sun moon waters, mountains other creatures are alive due to it. This is the starting point.

The issues arise when the mind tries to work it out all within its mediocre knowledge base but also has a powerful base in the material manifestation (example: a King decides that “Jupiter” is the God running the world and makes the whole population follow it because he says so on pain of death).

I think all problems arise from the basic fact that we do not recognise that there are different perceptions of what is true and real at different levels of awareness and consciousness and each human is at a different level. So when we assume that all humans are at the same level of intelligence, cleverness, cunning and understanding things are definitely going out of balance. And the permutations and combinations change with different areas giving rise to different cultures. Most people assume that the world thinks like them and lives like them. The error is obvious. Worse is this thinking that our thinking is the most superior even if it is different.

The human mind is basically an ignoramus. It is an informed idiot. Just see how parents bring up their children. Most scold children assuming that children are mini adults. If this is the level of understanding humans show, what can you expect?


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