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Becoming Hanuman 5

Humans are so lazy, so averse to make the effort of saying no, living alternatively, with less. The human’s focus on pleasure is absolute. It is prepared to pay for it – poisons, self-destruction – whatever it takes.

Humans are so ready to bargain their soul away for a few apparent pleasures. I had clearly understood the character that lives for small pleasures, small satisfactions and is not prepared to plan, work, put in effort to broaden his mind by education and effort to create an unshakable foundation for his own life normally ends up as fodder to rich parasites.


I am not pontificating – I lived my teachings. Examples from my life:

– A job meant: Sitting 10 hours days in, days out in conditions not okay by me. Being with toxic people I would have to obey and compromise with all the time till it would swallow me whole.

My very first job was a very highly paid one with a UN body but I could not tolerate the working establishment and gave up in a day.

– I had three offers to run the business in my family but I refused because that would impale me to a permanent seat and I was not ready for it although I would have been rich from day one but also dying under the pressure of business worries and stuck to my office.

– I wanted my environment designed for my comfort like lighting, noise from family members, food of my choice to suit my health needs etc. so I moved away from family and made it on my own. Very difficult but doable with the help of Grace.

– I found laptops and smart phones too much of a strain on my neck and spine so I refused to have one.

– I divided my time of day in two. Half for making an income and the other for creative pursuits and looking for new subjects to get involved in. Reading was important so indulged in it for at least 1/4th of the time.

– I refused to get married till I was ready, having done what I had set myself to do first. I touched my first woman at the age of 37 although I flirted with many to test the waters – nothing to go gaga about.

– My very first purchase of my life for my personal use with my money was a comfortable chair to support my neck and spine and proper support to legs. I could sit in it and read for hours.

The truth about me is that I am a Sufi, not yet arrived but on my way. This zone is the area between the land of humans of animal origin and the Gods. This lifetime I am trying to correct 2 deficiencies in my experience/development. I am also carrying the Seed of Change and wherever I go it starts working. Most people react negatively to it because the general populace avoids change and it disturbs their equilibrium and status quo.

Frankly I don’t really think that the populace is really very unhappy.



A lot of sensationalising seems to be a general ill of the mind. Accuse, criticise and judge, even get angry, often ending in revenge activity – the mind in torment due to something or other and tires the body along with.


The desires are floating around in the atmosphere and they swoop down on those showing a weakness for them. The answer is in rising above the need of them by expanding your consciousness to find pleasures in higher vibrations like music, calm, poetry and such. Look deeply into yourself: when you have fondled flesh a hundred times doesn’t the feeling come is this all? This effort of wooing a willing partner and then all the energy spent and then what culminates? Soon the need to start all over again to repeat for the same result.

Until you reach a point where it all seems a drudgery you will not be free of it.


Keep a check on the mind’s simplification process which is comfortable only in routine and eventually reduces everything to automata without feelings.

This is how love affairs pale into insignificance.

This is how medicines overtime stop helping.

This is why overtime people become redundant.

This is why every day the mind craves new excitement


Every different vibe at the Being level tries to find corresponding vibes in the food source.

What Sri Aurobindo called the VITAL (the emotional being that people know & term as the soul) needs to sustain itself and the body it is using. It always chooses the food that corresponds best to its state + its companions: the mind and body.

The Vital as it is said can be purified of its violent and negative side with the enlightened mind and then slowly it is seen that it starts favoring lesser quantity-wise, easily digestible food that is easy to assimilate causing lesser stress to the body and more nutritious. The corresponding change in the character will be something like less fuss, adjusting and more smiles.

The converse that by going vegetarian or avoiding harmful substances one helps with the process is also true but not always effective.

For example: someone who is easily angered, thinks of revenge by physical assault will usually opt for solid meat and alcohol but if he can be influenced to think in terms of more philosophical terms of kindness, gradually he will start enjoying bread and butter more.


Gurus become gurus because the lamentably stupid public wants them to become IT and it becomes a very attractive proposal. Most publicity searching Gurus are clever enough to take advantage and profit from it all. Most gurus are clever intelligent people at the lowest chakra level. The professional line of guruism has money and glamour and free fun. There was never any inclusion or advent of spirituality; they are not working for your growth. It is all at the mind level beautifully choreographed and good drama. You might as well watch a movie. It is the association of certain images and words that you are responding to and fooling yourself to be spiritual. If you fall for the image of dress/words and building or the organisational front etc you are the one at fault.



Pride, arrogance and stupidity

Once “Certified” meant that you are one for the Asylum.

Today now we have certified teachers, yoga instructors, Nutritionists and what not.

The commercial world has taken the mind in its embrace/control too. The commercial world first is giving out the CERTIFICATES in which it brainwashes the candidate with what it wants them to know and then advises them to go forth and multiply and produce good customers.

As usual the humans don’t see how they have been led by the nose or look at it this way: HOW HUMANS are fooling themselves into a tight knot and of course they then complain to high heaven for their plight.



You know most aspirants have to battle thru this question: If I find God will I still be my individual self?

At the mental level we may surmise whatever we want but the truth is wildly different and no amount of discussion at the mental level is going to reveal it.

But one thing does look plausible to me is that to create the right vibes to meet or see god, we have to nurture the same level of vibes; and these in His Presence would merge into him.

PS: Like you know an electric bulb in sunlight!



From day one to today, I have met hundreds of people in my different activities and travel. And I can assure you that I have not met one who can be called searching. We all are and are just being; living out our place in the sun. Our shortcomings keep on popping up but these can be explained away by blaming others, circumstances and outright lying. Every individual has a mental world of his own in which he is comfortably ensconced and wonders why people don’t do things his way.

It is a contented world really……just a little unhappy that others don’t listen to him or look up to him


The essential view is that we are a complete entity on our own. So we search for meaning and support in the world around us that can be reached via our physical senses with our mind presiding.

But we rarely succeed. The core remains untouched. We exist with layers of sheaths and in a mystical sort of way lost to ourselves. The more we try with more activity, the more we become more distanced and dissatisfied – a clear delusional state. We get lost in the labyrinth of the mind and this will show in extreme cases as depression and schizophrenia.

Modern education with digital false world is abetting this state and I warning you to avoid it. The illusionary aspect of life should never be forgotten. Whenever one feels that one has arrived and reached the pinnacle of thought that is when the warning bells should ring and be heard. Pray to Hanuman to help get out of it.



Watch out for the female energy. Even at the lowest level of consciousness a woman can irritate you into a higher level of conscious behavior by making you conscious of your wasteful activities. Often it is too overwhelming.


What is your gift?

Every individual is given one strength out of four possibilities; everything that happens and comes to one in this life will then come from this strength.

The converse is also true. Everyone is given a weakness via which one incurs losses.

The strengths are: Intelligence, Physical Strength, Affectionate disposition, Sheer luck coupled with a large heart and brains.

I learned this from some writing in our ancient texts long ago. For instance all solutions come to me from my use of my analytical ability. I am given great opportunities to learn. Info and education comes easily to me on a silver platter. But nothing else ever has come with ease or even comes at all. Another factor I have seen with people destined to live by the brain is “ill health” which limits them in the physical material world.

Whenever I show laziness and let things happen as a matter of course as I see it happening with others around me, I suffer. For instance how do I always match up with the right person and product? Because I pay great attention to what my analysis of all the small pieces of info – bells and whistles – that are coming to me. Whenever I have ignored these signals out of some wishful hoping I have incurred failure and heavy losses both in purpose and reputation.

Others for instance are destined to have everything from the dint of their labor. They have strong bodies and good health to boot. Nothing will ever come to them by chance. Work and more work will come to them and they will flourish only if they do it well. Every time they try to use their experience of life on the arrogant sense that they “know” disaster befalls them as they fail to register the nuances behind things.

Lucky people with lovely positive vibes are given nothing but a supremely kind disposition. They just don’t have the critical judgmental attitude to create irritable vibes. They trust and go along with others always helpful and kind and are even taken advantage of but they take it all with a smile without a grudge. Thru luck everything falls into place to benefit them.


Until you have gone beyond the mind into the intuitive world, you will never know the connecting threads between anything and never understand why certain things are done or not done; specially by the masters.

The first step is to step out of your robes and labels and knowledge-box.




They say “have patience with others. They are all doing their best”.

No Not at all. Not one is doing the best possible.

Look at this way: a playing marble is rolled with force on a floor. It goes on and on till its momentum dies and then it stops. While moving it has no idea what happened to it, where it is going, how to stop itself or change direction. Nothing it flows as the floor takes it. Its passage is dependent upon the floor.

This is the life of humans.

The tapestry of human nature is a mix of strength, energy, a mind, laziness and inertia, love and sometimes dreams of getting out of this uncontrolled routine. Then there is this need to assuage hunger every now and then.

So like the “marble” it simply rolls, completing each day with the momentum given to it. It is an automatic movement with not much planning or knowledge how to stop and change direction; mostly there is no need felt to change directions at all – things are tolerable and mostly manageable. Just existing the 24 hours cycle with expenditure of the energy available is the goal with of course all needs being satisfied on the way. If hopes are dashed, tomorrow is another day.

Parris Young to Pradeep Pk Maheshwari that was poetic.

How does one introduce light into such a dark bubble?

Pradeep Pk Maheshwari to Parris Young 

The mind has to be shown this side of LIFE before the Ego comes into prominence. Introduce these ideas as practical way of looking at life to the children between the ages of 5-15. This is the when the mind is awakening and before the ego awakens. (Normally we protect the children by hiding things from them. For example when she wanted to buy cards for her friends I gave her the idea of being original and personalised by making them herself which she took on with gusto).

This is why in the simpler days of old children of aristocrats/royalty were sent to Guru’s Ashram, away from indulgent, ignorant and possessive parents

I did with my child by talking of it with others in her presence, by writing and posting extensively on FB and slyly asking her to write/read/correct/post it for me. This influenced her indirectly and then I let her be an adult, going along with her in all activities in which I became the junior partner and we discuss how to correct the mistakes etc.

No spoon feeding but doing. No recriminations but problem solving. Today she does not see life as a bed of roses but manageable – only if she puts in the effort.

The Mind and the mental domain if seen as a separate entity but attached to our Ego Soul would give a clearer idea of things.

The mind can wander off on its own – way away from material reality. Too much play with products and events that help it run away can disturb its stability vis a vis the now at the earth plane..

To be short and to the point just see the inmates of a Mental Hospital.

The assertion that “I am doing my best” is a lie. A sentence uttered with no sincerity; and most people know this deep at the bottom of their hearts. But all accept it and the drama goes on.

Humanity keeps itself trapped in misery by denying that there is any misery. They have imagined their state of being and by repeating these illusionary statements they keep their illusions alive:

–        People are not mentally deficient, they make only childish errors.

–        People are basically honest and kindly; what happened to you was an exception.

–        How does it matter as long as my gold is safe with me?



You want something. Fine.

Ask: Why. Look deep into yourself. Is it a spontaneous bit of attraction to a pretty thing? Do you really need it? Will it really solve an on-going problem/issue and help you to live happier?

Have you thought where exactly you will place it, is it high maintenance or do you have the means to maintain it?

Or is it just a momentary flash in the pan desire and you go for it because you can afford it.

Or worse you wish to show it to friends and neighbors just for the heck of it?


5000 different communities all over the world have different gods all with different characteristics and Name. From this I conclude that gods are a figment of the imagination and not worth spending time on and as a subject of discussion totally valueless.

This does not mean there aren’t gods and Powerful Beings that influence things on earth. They exist but not as they are being pictured and presented.









Book 2

How to ensure that the future can be changed? We have to ensure that children are raised right with positive growth oriented subconscious patterns.

But the parents don’t know how and who will teach them and how can they be taught?

This is the entire problem.

But let us study the subject anyway.

Parenting and The Subconscious: 

So what are we finally teaching the children after all?



….that we continue to exist with all our contradictions is really a miracle.



Let the Child play.

Letting the child play is the first lesson in raising a well-balanced and rounded personality of the child.

A very important point is that everything is play to them. Whatever they will see us do they will want to do both at home and in the playground. This is one reason I did not agree to have nannies or servants bring up my child. I tried for a few days when fatigue was overtaking me and sleep deprivation was seriously affecting my health but within four days we found that the child had become silent and the eyes had lost the sparkle. Then we observed closely how the servant maid was behaving with her. Not only that we also observed how the other children in the park were being chaperoned by their maids.

It was the same story with all of them. They would take so much care of them and protect them so much that they would keep the child in their arms and refuse to let it get into any activity lest it get hurt or dirty the clothes. I asked one of them why they were denying the child the freedom to play and explore and they said quite logically that they would be blamed if anything happened to the child. They could not risk their own job as no one is going to listen to their side of the story in case of a mishap so they had no choice but to be careful and play safe.

The result was a constant barrage of “You will fall down” – “you will hurt yourself” – “I said NO” – “Come here, play with this ball” – from what I could see there was a focus on disaster as if we were inviting it. And what were the children learning from it? The way I see it they were instilling fear in every word an action as they would simply not let the child do anything for himself. If he wanted to climb on the slide they would pick him up and do it for him. If he ran they would hold him lest he fall; and many other idiotic reactions that I could never agree to.

Then there is the possessive attitude that we end up inculcating in children. I could hear parents and/or their maids constantly warning the children NOT to play with the toys of other children with sentences like “This is not yours. Give it back” – “Play with your toys” – “Don’t cry, we will buy you another one” and often comments like “You have all the toys of similar kind at home” as if trying to tell everyone around there that they were not beggars. The parents should not feel ashamed for the actions of the child and simply laugh it off when he does something that we in the adult world would consider improper.

I wonder why these parents with no time for their kids ever have them. Seems they have children more out of tradition than love for a child. Or is it an accident that happened. I talked to many of them and they all replied that they were not really aware what child bearing would entail and one of them was candid enough to say that she was just raising them up as a responsibility thrust on her and did consider them a nuisance although with time she learnt to love them and be attached to them but as I could see it was more as an extension of herself. They knew fully well that all their capers would result in a child but never expected that it would be downright slavery to the little imp.

I would advise to all would-be parents to think well before having a child. Because once you have one, you are on the burner and if this does not appeal to you, don’t have one. What has the child done to you to merit a fate of neglect?

I delight in my child. The smile on her face transposes me to ecstatic heights. I am her friend and assistant. She recompenses me with kisses and embraces and of course with cries of Papa whenever the world is not going her way.

I just love it. Whatever this word means in today’s world.


I had a very pleasant experience the other day. A neighbor stopped me in the park and complimented me on the time and effort I was putting in the raising of the child and said that it was visibly paying off because it was there for all to see how smart the kid was shaping up.

Cuddles and the security of your presence are more important than all the wealth of this world.

When I see her romping all around us, supremely happy with her condition and smiles at me, tears of contentment well-up in my eyes.





Essay. Parenting and the Sub conscious.

My father (lordly type with the old landed gentry arrogance where the hookah was more important than the servant; but otherwise for his highly educated and educated in classic and music, photography etc and my mother a childish narcissistic bright clever personality. Towards me he wanted to the best and did even rise above his nature to do so but was terribly short tempered.

His wife was making his life hell and using me as bait.

So his brilliant solution was to send me to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram as he was already in touch with the Ashram.

There with the love and affection I expanded into a good curious young man. But circumstances of illness and accident got me back into the family and all the problems came back to haunt me. So much so that all I wanted to do was to be away from the family members and which I finally managed to do so. Seeing the quarreling around me and the narcissistic behavior of most women in our household I was totally put off people and family life seemed like a war zone. There was no attempt to improve or correct or rise above the situations. It was automatic living with the subconscious in full charge. Everything was so contradictory to what I had experienced in the Ashram. Not a single value for betterment was in action in the world around me.

As a teacher, professionally and as a manager in industrial production units I too realised that I had a streak of short temper that easily tended to hurt by my sharp tongue and I did not compromise easily. I do not know where I had picked it up from but I was very sarcastic. As a bachelor I was studying myself and trying to improve my behavioral personality. It was not so easy. I married at the age of 46 as a challenge hoping that by then I would have learned my lessons. But no. the tendencies were still there. Then my child came. I left everything and every interest in the world and started focussing on giving the child a loving and understanding atmosphere so that the child may grow into its persona with negative characteristics minimised thru good parenting instead of becoming me or its mother. Not an easy job if both the parents are not equally conscious about it. As luck would have it my job was made difficult triple-fold as my mother was living with us.

But I was determined to give my child the best version of me. I kept myself in a heightened sense of awareness, analyzing at every step how and why I was behaving with a conscious effort to control my reactions of temper and jumping to conclusions. I made myself go on the path so that the development of the child could be complete in every way. This became my most intense period of sadhana and self-evolution.

Raising a child is about the best opportunity made available to us by the Universe to look into ourselves and our subconscious patterns, our thought patterns and our behavior patterns that we have imbibed although not our fault. Bringing up a child and interacting with his instinctive behavior without being able to explain anything to him can be a daunting task and I must say that most of us fail at it rather despairingly. When we are required to take on a child and the child’s logic how many us can stop our minds for a moment and try to grasp what is behind the child’s thinking and demeanor and follow it up with controlled non-aggressive understanding responses?

I cannot relate in words the pleasure it gave me when teaching my child to ride a cycle, swim and roller-skate. The attention, the focus and the patience I had to exercise. The need for me to forget myself and focus on the need of the child in terms of time, attention and pace. If done with sincerity, this is what the yogic character is all about.

PS: We raised our child with the conscious thought that our subconscious patterns do not get transferred. Only the vibes of love and affection and care/kindness. Anxieties should never be passed on. The child came first. Changes in the house were made continuously to fit in with her needs. There was never any imposition of thought patterns and forced acquiescence to anything. We focused on good food, play and activities. We made every activity (like painting, photography, model making and such), toy, game, sports, travel visits to friends all over the globe etc available to the child and followed her inclination.

Sandra Giacomino

Pradeep Pk Maheshwari thanks so much my dear friend for sharing part of your life and your love for your lovely daughter, it would be so nice, I should say such a better world, if we all would be much more conscious and responsible about bringing a child to birth, and giving all of our Best to that soul. 😍

The Pettiness in our thinking.

Pettiness in our thinking comes due to lack of exposure to the world and its myriad ways and possibilities. Every corner of the world has different thought patterns and age old subconscious patterns and today in our digitally connected world we cannot afford to be petty and iconoclast. Religion, language and traditions are the source of quarrels and misunderstanding. Many predetermined thoughts on what is good, charitable and kind behavior, especially to save one’s soul are worldwide the greatest blocks and precursor of negative thought patterns of hate and differences. We should not teach our children that we are exclusive and our way is the only way as this makes the rest of the world enemies and foreigners (kafirs). We have to insist to ourselves to broaden our minds. Broadening our information and talent base allows us to see greater connectivity between things. Our judgments become comprehensive. Our feelings become more tolerant. Our attitudes become more emphatic, kind and compassionate. And best of all our minds open to the intuitive mind which connects us to the Cosmos and we start becoming one with the Universe.

Can you be otherwise just because you want it?

Does meditation help?

Meditation doesn’t change habits or mindsets because these come from the subconscious and meditation does not touch that area without ardent practice, repetitive reinstruction and very conscious awareness and vigilance to achieve a desired end. For practice we need to be up and doing.




It is a good thought to leave behind happy memories in the minds and hearts of others. But it misses out on one essential fact that people don’t see you as you think you think you are being seen. There are egos, prejudices at play and the need to put others down because there is a need to show off and such. We start with lies, maintain bad memories, relate wrongly and even spread the lies that we start seeing as stark truths. NO. My advice is live in the best way you “want to” and can. Memories are going to all die with the people. Ask this question as you go along…. how many people remember me today and even if they remember, do they care?



We need to focus at not having unnecessary children + take care of health of the mothers first; the natural way by feeding them well and giving them happy frame of minds. A serious point to be understood is that women are designed to be mothers and not “wives”. Men do not understand this and there is all this friction in this world.

A well- endowed household would then automatically take care of its children well too.

I am strictly against allowing divorces when children are born.

The message should be: you made your bed; now lie in it.



The Soul’s coming.

The very concept of “Having accepted to come here” is an over simplified error. The inner being is the Divine spark that needs to come out in the outer being – the life on earth. But it is prevented by the outer nature which is still in the clutch of the Devil’s domain

The coming down on earth, rebirths this is an automatic process based mainly on a karmic program till the Divine spark has come to the fore and taken over the evolutionary process in all of us.



The pain of watching the pain of humanity.

When you have distanced yourself away from the maelstrom of life you start to see the world pulsing on in a most peculiar way. Every individual’s personal propensities, thoughts and preferences stand out and are visible for scrutiny.

It is a picture that is difficult to define and very nigh impossible to paint thru words.

At the core of each individual you see clearly his very tiny little spark of a personal agenda. Nothing else matters. His entire strength of body, emotional energy and thought are working to get this agenda off the ground and manifest it. Nothing else matters.

This is serious and deep. No individual is going to come out of this frame of his persona and will never work for anything else. But the outer persona is working hard to hide this selfishness and self-centered approach or at least it thinks it is doing a great job at it. In most cases it is as obvious as the sunrise and sunset but humans are great at persisting and maintaining an illusion.

The fun is watching this mass of humanity trying to show that it is working for the betterment of all, moving and acting in togetherness and that there is no personal agenda as such.

The insincerity and the stupidities, the pain that results from it is palpably painful to the watcher from a distance.

Many systems have been devised to avoid this pain that humans are collectively foisting on each other. There are things like drugs, alcohol, religion and their simple solutions like “Be Charitable”, “Love is the answer” which is understood as finding a mate and being busy raising a family, psychoanalysis and war. But try as much as they will the maelstrom and the thunder of life only increases in intensity with every move because no one wants to touch the central source of this fountain of pain which is normally termed as the Ego and the absolute self-centered focus it creates and lives mostly in denial. With billions of egos clashing what would you expect? Humanity has also devised some escapist gods to blame it all upon and a greater sham is played out by asking these gods to make everything alright.

But it is also obvious that this is too immensely huge a cauldron and nothing can be done. We may add herbs after truckloads of herbs into the cauldron but the flavor adamantly remains the same. We can only watch and murmur oh my oh my!


The Action of the Grace.

People are not aware of the workings of Grace except when there has been some danger, that is, when there has been the beginning of an accident or the accident has taken place and they have escaped it. Then they become aware. But never are they aware that if, for instance, journey or anything whatever, passes without any accident, it is an infinitely higher Grace. That is, the harmony is established in such a way that nothing can happen. But that seems to them quite natural. When people are ill and get well quickly, they are full of gratitude; but never do they think of being grateful when they are well; and yet that is a much greater miracle!-THE MOTHER (Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry)

PK:   We reach this state only when Mahakali has had her say and we realise that had it not been for her, we would be way far worse off. When we learn the Real state of things and become Grateful.

This is also the time when we understand that things go wrong when we are insincere. The Grace is helpless against our stupidity.


All these people who talk of love…what an illusion they live in.

I have often wondered when men dream of cuddles, being loved and pampered why do they think of the woman of the species and then eventually settle for dogs for companions.

The young female of the species looks alluring but what you see is not what you will live with. Within her is a spirit, a natural collection of emotions and wishes that you will never see until she is aroused in displeasure. That is when all her past, education, conditioning and experiences will talk thru. That is when the dam breaks and all hell breaks loose. That is when you wish yourself back to Mars.

What is imagined and what transpires are very different things and has been going on since millions of years but men haven’t stopped hoping and dreaming that someday some loving woman will indulge them for love.

The men look for a female body and that is precisely what they get.

It is more economics than love and some happy emotions when wishes are granted.

Most people are running away from feelings, from letting go and letting themselves loose.

There is a great fear that they might merge and lose their persona.

What they call love is just accumulation of appreciation at best and passion with the hormones calling.

Most people, 9 out of 10 of them, never really ever experience love….. for the simple reason that fear of being disfranchised is way too high on our agendas and unfortunately the world is tuned to conquer, capture, lock-up and cheat.

It would be really not be very practical and best not to come out of it. We do allow rare instances of kindness to leak out.

Become aware of emotions as they rise and engulf your mind. None of them that create violent impulses are going to do you any good



The mind cannot think up new thoughts on its own. It has to be fed.

The mind starts as an empty box and from the minute it is exposed it starts collecting and storing every idea that comes to it thru the eyes, ears and sensations. This is why the politician is forever giving speeches and the TV is always blabbering. Those who would “run” our lives are constantly hammering at us with words – and we, the imbeciles that we are keep all our portals open.

Everything in this life is words, and more words. Those who know how to use the right words at the right time end up the winners.

So ask yourself: How good are you with your words.

Put all your energy in developing this side of your persona.

The onus is on us. What are we going to allow to enter our mind-box?

The mind is designed to be overwritten. Old messages get forgotten. So it is a continuous process.

The problems begin when the mind starts “owning” what it has received as messages. The thoughts merge with the “I” and it all becomes personal. The mouth is ever ready to let out whatever is stored in the mind. The lower and lesser the use of the reason and the will, the more talking is seen. People are not using the stored information but repeating it as their duty done and proof of their wisdom. This is why we have this old adage: Empty vessels make the most noise.

There is another box called reasoning but few learn to use it. And there is another tool called the The WILL but it has unfortunately got mixed up with the emotional desire thing; it is very strong and overpowers all behaviour. The “I” hates being corrected. Watch out.



Some notions and psychological factors have permitted some notions to be entrenched in humanity’s psychosis. They are playing out over and over. Our minds are quite content to let them play. It suits our basic base nature. We need to literally grow up out of this childishness and rise above into the clear consciousness where rage, revenge, wars, envy simply do not have a place, not needed and clearly be seen as the aberration.

•          The physical mind wants to encapsulate everything within itself and plans accordingly. How it arrives to ignore the Cosmos is a mystery.

The idea of robots and Chips in the brain is so grand and so terrifying at the same time and so Stupid as an end-solution.

•          I think the human race is basically heartless – how can it be otherwise if it is to be selfish too? When and where the motto is “My wishes first” where can there be place for hearts?

There was a simpler time when there wasn’t much so we were all kind to each other and the heart was in play. But now we can manage without each other and it has gone into disuse.

•          Rest assured the Wise Ones will be back. When the batteries will run out the humans will need to hold hands again. The principle issue would be for them to work out if they are to use their hands to scratch their heads or hold each other. What a wonderful scenario we are heading for. A mass of humanity, less endowed in skills than the nearest ape trying to work out how to wash in the river!

•          While the humans are literally bent on killing themselves with their binge eating, drinking and drugs…… the hospital industry is out to save lives (at least says so).

The contradictions in terms of “reality” are so glaringly living a “Lie” that it is incomprehensible to me as to what game is being played.

•          Like also they have wars to end all wars and then promptly start another one. It seems they are happy only when death and mayhem surround them.

But then the virtuous, the self-claimed virtuous want to go around saving lives and the more pretentious ones focus on the Souls.

•          Our principles of raising children are basically an extension of our vain delusions.

•          Things are what they would be under the circumstances. Let them flow. Wishing only makes us miserable.


·       Feedback from Nephew.

Last three days I have been meditating on the feed back received from my nephew: “After having a child you have changed considerably. From the PK I remember from 20 years ago you have become softer”.

Point to consider and after three days I agree. Earlier I was strict and would not tolerate less than the best effort and would not tolerate lowering of what I called certain responsible standards. Mostly I would cut off relationship/conversation and avoid irritation. I wanted change.

But now I am softer in the sense that I couldn’t care so much where others are going and tolerate if needed the other’s presence. I learnt to live for my child and curtail my own vanity. I am quite happy to be what I am and let the world be. I love to share if anyone is interested.

The inner child now lives without.

The child is my elder.

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Pradeep Maheshwari