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Becoming Hanuman 6

Hiding behind masks.

In the formal and capsuled environment of today we are training the minds to think linear and “ACCEPT” certain given parameters and ingest facts as ordained. It is even backed by law to think in a particular way. Non-acceptance of dictates invites punishment. 

Is this conducive to “Learning”? NO.


This is creating the highly informed and computerized “personas” of today that are totally useless in an emergency, cannot and don’t want to even think beyond the socially accepted norms.

This way of BEING suits the commercial world which is increasingly controlling governance. So now we have established a common syllabi, common fashionable trends, world organisations like WHO that decide what we should do and what is best for us.

Personal needs, and liabilities have been thrown to the wind.

Individuality is looked down upon as it has been since the beginning of time but now it is easy to enforce and spread because of education having gone large scale and customized. By coup[ling the education with Government approved Certificates and then making the Certificates the platform of all activities like running a school or teaching or stating an industry, the establishment has effectively produced robots who pay also pay for it to become it.

See how in the final analysis people now think and behave.

Fashions are dictated by industry. Psychology is dictated by the practice of psychiatry. Medicine is by protocols instead of wanting to cure the patient.

Mother Nature and personal experience has been trashed.

We do what others expect. We want only what others think is valuable.

The mass control and authority that was first intimated by The Romans is now a reality. “It has gone so deep into the basic human sub-consciousness that it has given to birth to a special kind of character – “Some people are so virtuous that they make it their life’s work to fault others or find errors.”

Can we have the courage to break away and even bring up our children otherwise?



More than forget I need to remove the traits that I picked up.

The saddest part is that the people who made me become what I am got the credit of doing their best and I got labeled as the rogue and even today this is all that is remembered.

Once labeled nobody ever forgets. That 50 years hence you may now be someone totally else is never considered.

The only way out is to create a new family in the big open world and forget the ones who have no place for you.

  • It has always been my contention that children brought up with sincere love never go wrong; even with all the errors of judgment and faults.


ESSENTIALLY this is all we want and need but this is exactly what we DO NOT get. – PK

“She did not need much, wanted very little. A kind word, sincerity, fresh air, clean water, a garden, kisses, books to read, sheltering arms, a cosy bed, and to love and be loved in return.”

Starra Neely Blade



Pradeep Pk Maheshwari

The Indian mentality: The beginning and end of life is to get married. Period.

As to the Divine (Isn’t this the same thing as God?) he lives in our temples. We know. We made him….. Didn’t we?

Sumer Sureka

Pradeep Pk Maheshwari please tell us more about your amazing mentality sir.

Pradeep Pk Maheshwari to Sumer Sureka

Do you realise I am being satirical? Any movie, any TV serial and all you have is “marriage” as the central base/foundation/goal of the narrative. In families, the day the girl comes of age and the man gets a job the entire social circle starts hounding you to get married. There doesn’t seem to be any other reason to be alive. Next is to have children and get busy organising a life to marry them off as and when the time comes.



Young means being 20

Why this focus on life being life only in the 20-40 age period.

Why this thinking that we are best in this period and that life’s focus should be on maintaining this period.

I am so certain that although not exactly 20-40, I really don’t wish to remember my time from that period due to the stupidities I committed…… a person I am a far better version of myself now in the 70s.

I was happy then and am happy now.

Kevin Albert

Time is our only real judge.

Pradeep Pk Maheshwari

As I tell many times: “why judge or comment or explain; just enjoy the story”?

But then humans are not made that way. They have to put you down – it is a terrible necessity.


Half-baked anarchists

This is exactly what I have been saying since years. The voting is a sham, a tranquiliser for the people. The “clique” up there finally does what they wish to as they are all scratching each other’s back for their profit thru us. The foolish public thinks it has a say.

The illusion is complete.

Exactly like our illusion that we are living in a given godly way and running the world by God’s wishes. Everyone is voting for their chosen senator-god in their area and think they have a say in the running of lives on earth.

The average human has a very high opinion of himself. I suppose that is because he couldn’t survive with himself if he didn’t.

In the last 50 years we have unknowingly promoted narcissism.

The parents have suddenly seen an upsurge in living standards and pride has blown out of proportions. This is showing thru their children who are being treated and protected as extra-specials. This attitude of “Don’t say or do anything because this may cause trauma to their psyche.” has only created spoiled brats, sissies and entitled bums who are offended all the time.

Not a single parent is seeing to it to prepare the child for a future; a future that will not provide them any protection. They are totally forgetting that 90% of the character, the traits, mannerisms etc will have already made their way into the subconscious by the time the child is15-16. The poor child is being sculpted for rejection and failure

Vandalism is the way of speech today. This is how humanity talks. This is the method of the jealous, envious and afraid that the world is passing by them and they will be left behind in the dust/mud. Totally disregarding the fact that they are already there.

They are unable to see their way upward by effort and learning so they put all their energies to bring you down and to your knees if they can so that you are forced to beg them for peace and give them something to live on.

It is called nuisance value.

I wonder if I ever told you about the times…..

1) A young lady in YWCA who filed and went and told the management that I failed her deliberately because she would not give the asked favours as if the answer sheets did not speak for themselves.

2) When I was cornered by my students of Alliance Française for asking them to keep their lover’s enthusiasm under warp in the class

3) Of being held by the throat by a student because he was not learning by remaining absent most of the time but holding me responsible saying “It is your responsibility to teach me”.

I left teaching that day.

What we are seeing today is a larger manifestation of this attitude that management takes of appeasement, of large scale teaching systems….. to bring “learning” to people who have no need, or no aptitude for it. The aim is funny. We need trained mechanics and specialists but we send them to school to become white collared clerks who find it beneath their standard to change their own car’s tyre or clean the car.

We have created half-baked anarchists instead indeed.

We are intelligent enough to know that others will believe the guy who cries loudest and if it is a woman even more so. We are clever enough to know that people will believe the worst. If the interpretation of facts is plausibly couched and packaged then mud will assuredly stick. An average person may not be very savvy but understands very well that Proof/Evidence is very difficult to come by and to disprove or even prove next to impossible.

The abusive personality is nothing new. Wherever people feel they can get away with, this happens; in personal or professional situations. I just wonder why suddenly the numbers of cases of this nature are multiplying and it is happening all over the globe; there is vindictiveness in the air. The undermining of somebody’s persona always goes with the hope – I may even say obviously -, that it will in comparison aggrandize our own.

One thing I have observed, there is an element of cunning always involved and to this is added a lack of maturity which in today’s parlance would be called low Emotional Quotient; people who have suddenly acquired some status but have not had the pleasure of seeing much of the world outside their own family and locality tend to be easily drawn into these raging controversies. The self-importance and value of their virtues is inordinately & disproportionately high.




Creativity is a tool for success


Success and Creativity go hand in hand. They walk together like partners in life. Creativity is Life’s Force expanding itself though you. This is a positive life-giving factor in our development and growth.


Wisdom lies in nurturing this Creative element in our lives and making it an essential part of our character. This will permit us to find solutions to roadblocks on the way and make every incident and possibility that crop up in life into a successful step to achieving our goals.

The ability to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary is the difference that differentiates between a successful person who is always cheerful and welcomes the next challenge and others who are always cribbing and complaining but doing nothing about what ails them. It is all about going around the problems of life and turning them into opportunities.

A creative Nature sees beauty and possibilities in everything around him. But this has to be cultivated by constant learning and doing. If this flame is not fed regularly it can easily die out. It has to be inculcated since very early days by encouraging the child to express himself fully through every means that you can make available to the child such as drawing, painting, photography, making things, helping in the garden & kitchen, letting the child “do”. Instead of keeping him safe and protected, we should make it a point to be there, and “do” with him; help the child experience as many different activities and expose him to the world at large. The onus for this falls on the shoulders of the parents and teachers.

A creative child would know when to make lemon if life dishes him out a lemon. The ability to laugh at life’s mishaps is one of the attributes of positive creativity. A child with this attribute would leave the past quickly behind and look for solutions and ways & means to achieve his goals by thinking at a tangent – focusing on what he wants to achieve instead of following a pattern. He makes his patterns where none exist.


Education in different disciplines also helps in “seeing” possibilities. So it is good to give the child not only book knowledge but also help to put his knowledge into practice and help him learn by experience. For example in our technology world of today it is best to learn basic physics and algebra alongside other artistic subjects like stitching and embroidery. It is important to understand the logic behind how things work to be able to find solutions later. These help the brain to grow and tackle problems head on. Learning to play chess is more important than playing video games. Chess not only enhances the neuron highway structure of the individual but also teaches him to strategise & win without arrogance or/and lose without getting depressed and blesses the child with the thoughts of hope that there will be another time and opportunity to win + solve problems and juggle possibilities in his head before taking decisive action.

The ability to tackle problems comes naturally to those who have played and worked in a team and indulged in sports like football, badminton, table tennis, cricket, swimming, mountain climbing and rafting etc.


Languages play a very big part in enhancing ones’ ability to learn from others through books and listening. So great effort should be put into improving the child’s language ability and give him the gift of expressing himself correctly and precisely. This will give him the upper hand right from the beginning as he would know how to get his point across and understand the other person easily. Make your child bilingual. Give him the edge.

Lastly give your child lots of love and positive reinforcement. Help him think and feel that if he tried hard and sincerely enough, he CAN. He is special and more potential is hiding in him and waiting for an opportunity to surface.

Give him the gift of the “URGE to Excel and continuously improve himself; happy to be but not satisfied as there is always room for improvement and change.




Getting my little one ready for school requires a lot of drama acting and acts that would be considered downright spoiling. She is only four-&-a-half. Being on time and such trivia has no importance for her. And we treat it as a game. Her mother has taken “spoiling” to the next level. I love the fun and mischief that goes into going to school every day. Every morning a lot of planning goes into making the waking-up act into a theatrical performance.

Which makes me think:  When we act, are we moving about with conscious thinking or simply embedded reflexes with no real thinking behind them? Are we really bringing up our child or just letting him/her grow up?


Then there is always this question on how much freedom is to be allowed, for finally the adults have to clean after them. I have realized this truth: Adults are afraid. One would think that their little world is endangered overtime a child goes experimenting or on a personal voyage of discovery. But then they are afraid of other adults too. What are they so afraid of? From what is obvious to me it is the sense of control or not having any that is so upsetting.


I have been advocating seriously that people should not have children if they do not have time or facility to bring them up and provide for them properly. I had this exchange with another face book friend and I share it – just for info:

 From a reader: – If we follow your agenda then, poor people can’t get married and have children.

My reply: It is the responsibility of each individual to first promote himself, become aware and make a home where the child has to come. It would be criminal to have children to perpetuate your own miserable condition onto the child.


 – I think if Allah is giving Parents the gift of a Child. This Child has a right to be born.

Allah will arrange their lives!  

My reply:

Sorry do not agree. Children are the responsibility of parents. It is the result of sex that parents have for their pleasure. They have to be given a future. We should not bring in Allah. He has no role to play at this stage.


My friend: Then you don’t believe in this! But I do! 


My reply:

I care for children. I believe in the hand of Divine intervention but I am responsible for my acts. God/Allah cannot be made responsible for everything and should not be. This becomes an easy way out to suit our convenience – Then you are not a Muslim, and dont believe in this ! But I do !

Pradeep Pk Maheshwari:

Why should I be a muslim to care for children?

I believe in the hand of Divine intervention but I am responsible for my acts. God/Allah cannot be made rersponsible for everything and should not be. This becomes an easy way out to suit our convinience-


Then many people came up with the objection to my contention that divorce should not be allowed. They talk of bad marriages which are in turn bad for the children. My conviction is that as long as there is this thought at the back of the mind that “we” can part (in occult parlance: run away), people do not make a wholehearted, concerted effort to stay together as couples and as parents not at all; so if they have any doubts, even a shadow of one, they should not have children.


The children have a right to NOT BE born to bad parents. They have a right to life and home. The parents lose all their rights except to care & nurture the children. And finally I ask this question: Do children have rights?


On divorces, this is my view: my understanding is that at the Mother Nature level, from the occult point of view, marriage is the only state which is akin to TAPASYA (spiritual life purposely for learning and growing into a better persona) that a common man experiences. It is necessary for the pair’s personal growth/evolution and children born of it.

Some people contend that souls choose their place of birth and parents etc so birth should be allowed as a natural right. Now I feel this is taking expediency too far. If this premise is accepted, which I do, then the divorce will only upset the destiny of all involved; more the reason to keep the family together. Have children certainly but then keep promises made.



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